Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life in the tropics

Ahh, summer. Sometimes it seems to come overnight. Sometimes, it actually does come overnight.

See, a week ago, it was in the 60s. We had what felt like three months of April. Rain, chilly temps, and only an occasional bout of sunshine to lull us into a false sense of security. Then last week the mercury started to rise and BAM, summer slammed into us like the ball hits the fat kid in dodgeball. Our forecast? High 80s, low-to-mid 90s for two weeks straight. Don't know when it will break, because we can't forecast out that far. But I'm not complaining, seriously. I complain all winter long, and give up my bitching rights during the summer. I'm reveling in it.

Sure, I have no A/C in the car, but I can undo the duct tape and get some wind blowing while I drive. Sure, I can cool my apartment with one window air conditioner, even though I have a second one, because plugging both of them means I blow a circuit. Love me, love my wiring.

Anyway, so it's hot. Big deal, it's summer in Chicago - the perfect time to just shut up and enjoy it! And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Last weekend, I had a house full of love. Chris and Janie Early and their little spud Liam stayed with me for a few nights, and we had a blast. Didn't do much, honestly. Went out to breakfast, sat, talked, ate good food, sat and talked some more. My favorite activity with them is just the three of us adults and coffee. On their last morning with me, Janie got up, started the coffee, and brought me a cup. Such a simple, beautiful luxury - receiving coffee in bed from someone who loves me. I'm still smiling about it now.

I wasn't prepared for how empty my home would feel when they left. No more baby giggles, or stories to read, or conversations that flow into the night. They left a little love behind, though - scratch paper so I wouldn't need to write notes on coffee filters, ink for my printer because I was out, a rug to go by the litter box and an array of things that smell pretty. Maggie treats, really - things I wouldn't buy myself but make me smile every time I use, smell or see them. Good friends know that it's the little things that keep you smiling weeks after they leave.

Speaking of people I love, there's a lake house in North Carolina full of them! Clan Rice/Carlson/Bathje's annual beach sojourn landed in NC this year, to dovetail off of Mike and Rae's GeekCon and spend time with Grandma. Yes, I'm jealous. Yes, I miss them. Knowing they are all there, except for me, Chunk and Ryan makes me sad for me but happy that they're all there. And I know they'll keep posting photos and fun stuff as the week wears on, right? RIGHT!

And things continue to bump along in my life. I have a disgusting summer cold so I sound like I smoke three packs a day and ought to be at the senior center playing canasta. Still hitting the gym regularly, although I slowed down a little this week with the feeling like crap thing and all. My deal with myself, though, is that if i go on Saturday mornings and I do my strength training and cardio, I get as much time by the pool as I want. Hard work followed by luxury is a very good idea!

Long story short, life is grand, summer is wonderful and the only thing between here and perfection is being able to breathe clearly. But I'm sure that'll happen soon.


mike rice said...

Can't respond. Too busy boating and eating pie.

Who are you again?

maggie said...

I'm the sister who is going to remember this nasty comment and kick your ass the next time I see you.

Janie said...

We loved, loved, loved being in your little apartment! It was by far one of the best places we stayed on our journeys in June. It is a little house full of love with expandable walls when family/friends come to call. We miss you.

And, oh, just for a laugh, Liam remains somehow in the central time zone. It's killing us!