Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten, whenever

  1. I have discovered what I consider the perfect pot of coffee. It’s a mixture of Starbucks House Blend and Café Du Monde’s signature coffee/chicory combo. I use equal parts of each, and it’s divine. I call it Maggie’s Blend. You should stop by for a cup.
  2. Did you know they make vacuums specifically for bare floors? I didn’t; now I do. For $59.99 and a little elbow grease, I now have pristine hardwood. But I had to keep the beast so I could clean the area rugs. Or maybe I’ll just get rid of the area rugs.
  3. With all the sickness and injury that has plagued me since November of last year, I’ve put on a little weight; all told, probably 10 pounds. Which is nice, coming in to swimsuit season. I’m trying to balance my need to take off the weight with my need to not overdo my workouts. This is not as easy as it sounds.
  4. The gym. Oh, how I love the gym. Yes, I am being more careful, but I’m not missing my salsa/funk classes. I’m just having to be more careful. I am there as much for my mental state as I am for my physical health. I’d say it keeps me sane, but you have to have something before you can keep it.
  5. Theater is like an old friend to me. To be sure, most of my experience of late has been as an audience member, but I truly love it. Which is why I get a little riled up when a self-proclaimed actor (whom I saw in a production in which he was one of the better performers, but when 99 percent of cast members make me want to read my book instead of watch the show, being “one of the better” is not good enough) decides to write a review blog and rips into actors who, on their worst day, were far and away better than he. He is the very epitome of douchey.
  6. I’m writing a lot these days. I’ve hit my stride (finally) at the office and am being trusted to do some pretty cool projects, from naming jewelry to writing fresh copy for a super-cool upcoming launch of something … well … super-cool. I’m also working on a book project that details life in my world over the past four years or so. Will it ever be published? I don’t know. But it’s an interesting process, and one that I am enjoying immensely. And yes, in one way or another, you are all featured. The names, however, have been changed to protect the innocent. (Those who aren’t innocent, however, go by their real names.)
  7. Forgiveness doesn’t come easily to me. But at least I’m an equal-opportunity grudge holder; I find it just as difficult to forgive myself as I do others. I’m working on it. Because it would seem that the first step in moving forward, putting the past where it belongs (ahem; in the past) is to forgive yourself. Then, you can have the clarity of mind to forgive others. Only then can the intense freedom that comes from letting go be yours. Or that’s what I’m learning, anyway.
  8. I would really like to take a vacation. I don’t know if that will happen this year, because I’m trying to be verrry careful with my money. But I’m just putting it out there to make the universe aware.
  9. My friend Russ is on a mission. He wants to collect a 10-line poem from every human being. You, gentle reader, are human … so go here and share a poem! Even if you’re not a poet; that’s the whole idea – that everyone has thoughts worth sharing. Do it!
  10. Life is short, and words are powerful. The future is uncertain. Years ago, I saw an old friend for the first time in years. It was such a treasure seeing her - young Andrea, an amazing woman. I saw her in a musical and she was, as usual, stunning. We laughed a little, and when we said goodbye, I told her I was proud of her, and that I loved her. Days later, she was in a car accident that claimed her life. I remember that when I'm tempted to part ways with someone, having to have the last word ... the last, biting, sarcastic word. Life is short. Words are powerful. The future is uncertain. Leave people with words you would be proud to have them carry with them forever.


Charlie and Cindy said...

Those three words were the last ones I spoke to John. I'll never forget it as long as I live.

gretchen said...

damn, my poem was only 8 lines....Like your ten list. Work on that vacation.

maggie said...

Cindy, wow ... powerful, isn't it?

Gretchen, add two lines! Or send the eight. It still counts!