Sunday, January 22, 2012

Making the best of it

So I noticed that I haven't posted much lately. Maybe you did, too. And there's a reason for it, although it's pretty lame: I don't have a whole lot good to say.

Work has been very stressful. I'm doing my best, but still ... it's a difficult situation. So there's not a lot of time for creative thought or focusing inward, in order to have something meaningful to say. It's a sort of isolating feeling, too, because although I know I have a lot of friends and family who support me in many ways, I do feel like I'm sort of going it alone.

So, I just keep plugging away, and making the best of the moments that don't suck. Like right now, I'm trying to type this while the cat rests his head on my hand. It's sweet, and it gives me comfort. It really is the little things, right?

If you need me, I'll be focusing on the stuff that gets me through. Whether it's the perfect grilled cheese sandwich or finishing up the laundry, life is good ... even when the crappy moments are more prevalent than usual.


Janie said...

I'm sort of having this same problem. My business has been insanely busy even though I lost a client in December. Then to top all that off I found out today the gracious state of Oregon has added several reporting requirements to the 2011 tax year, Oh boy! This is likely to mean I have additional software to buy and forms to submit to both the IRS and State.

Anyhoo. It really doesn't make for interesting reading. My blog is blank. I keep looking at it, but can't seem to get inspired.

I will endeavor to persevere.

Michelle said...

Ah Maggie, I know that feeling-- as evidenced by how blank my blog was for a while. Life sometimes gets us all tangled up and leaves little time for creativity. Pretty sucky, that because creativity, I suspect, helps us get through the sucky bits. But you know, the quest to make the perfect grilled cheese is creative :) This weekend we picked up a loaf of amazing rosemary bread at an Italian bakery. Last night I had Brie with that bread and curiosity set in-- what sort of grilled cheese would this make? I think I'll find out today.
And YES, it really is the little things that matter so very much. All the little moments and bits and pieces that make us smile...those are the bits that make up life.