Thursday, June 7, 2012


I feel like I say this every time I sit down to write, but ... life has been a bit of a whirlwind of late. Since starting the new job (can it be three weeks already?) I have been working a lot (four 10-hour days a week, plus at least an hour's drive there and back) so it's hard to write during the week. Then, there's this compulsion to pack activity into the weekends. My Fridays have been so full! Not complaining; I love that I have the time, and I've been spending it in ways that make me happy. But I am completely looking forward to taking a break ... sometime around the end of June.

Think I'm kidding? Well, take this weekend as an example. I'm spending Friday with Mike, Rae and Kaylee in the city. They're in town for Ryan's wedding. Then Saturday, I'll get up early to go to the gym, take strength training class, and then speed to Naperville for packet pickup for the SheRox tri (which is on Sunday). I'll nab my packet, shop the expo and attend an orientation meeting. (I hope it's a quick one.)

After all that, I get to fly back home, shower and primp ... then drive into the city for Ryan's wedding and reception. Yes, ladies and gentlemen ... I am attending a wedding the day before my first triathlon. I am not very smart.

So of course Sunday, I'll be (you guessed it) ... at the tri. I am so looking forward to it being over! Not just because I'll be able to say I did a tri, but because I'll get to rest. ;)

As for the tri itself, I am nervous as a cat. I don't want to embarass anyone - including myself - but there is a distinct possibility that this is the event in which I will finally, actually finish dead last. I am not a good swimmer. I am a worse cyclist. And as a runner ... well, any rational person would call what I do "walking". But that isn't what matters. What matters is that I'm willing to try (tri?) and honestly, even failure is an accomplishment at this level.

So off I go, to once again challenge myself to do something I've never done before.

In 90-degree heat.

Sleep deprived, and with full knowledge that I'll be bringing up the rear.

It's just another Sunday in Maggie's World.

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