Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where the real damage comes from

It's hard for me to believe, from where I sit here in 2013, that we are still arguing about gay marriage.

I've been married. I didn't have a straight marriage; I just had a marriage. And that's all anyone wants - the opportunity to love and be loved, with all the rights afforded with the legal agreement that comes with marriage. But because there are men who want to enter into marriage with men, and women who wish to do so with women, society has decided their commitment isn't valid. Seems off to me, that we'd care so much.

Watching an interview the other day, one person asked the other if he thought Christ was pleased with gay couples. And I thought, if everything that displeased Christ was illegal, we'd need more cops. And the very first thing we'd have to make illegal is adultery, followed quickly by divorce.

Jesus had nothing to say on the subject of homosexuality. Nothing. The Bible says precious little about it; there is but one line in Leviticus that says "You shall not lie with a man as with a woman; it is an abomination." That's it. (And don't get me started about how - if one must take one's Bible literally - then one must concede that God must be hunky-dory with lesbians.)

I'm no theologian, but I do know that there are substantially more Bible entries dealing with divorce, and even more about adultery. A quick search turned up 59 passages on divorce, and 109 on adultery, either of which is so much more than one. And the thing is, I think we get hung up on the sex part of homosexuality. We (and by "we" I don't meal all of us; I mean those who oppose the gay thing) find it icky (and a litany of other adjectives) so we rail against it. Which is our right, I suppose.

But stop saying that you're casting aside gay citizens' wishes to join into a recognized, committed relationship based on Christianity. Just admit that it has more to do with the fact that you think it's icky. Because I'm here to tell you, having my husband cheat on me and going through a divorce did more damage to me, to my soul, my spirit and my hope for my future than any gay marriage ever can.

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