Monday, December 2, 2013

No Humbug

I accepted the Lululemon No Humbug Challenge for the holiday season. I'll track my progress here!

November 24: Make breakfast in bed for someone you're sweet on.
I am sans sweetie, but I went out to breakfast with three of my favorite people - my best friend Patrick, our friend Melissa, and her son Simon.

November 25: Share the #nohumbug challenge and spread the word.
Tweeted and Facebooked!

November 26: Find a new way to get sweaty.
Living a relatively (ridiculously) active lifestyle means this wasn't as simple as it sounded. Not much is "new" to me anymore! So I took a long, luxurious saunaaaaaahhhh.

November 27: Leave your favorite book for a stranger to discover.
I'm particularly proud of this one. I left my copy of The Princess Bride on a comfy chair in a sunny corner of campus. I hope whoever finds it is as delighted to read it as I am every time I hunker down with Westley, Buttercup and the gang.
My absolutely favorite book, somewhere on campus.

November 28: Give thanks to five favorite Twitter contributors.
I tweeted the love to my friends Donna, Gretchen, Eric and Mike, and sent a shout-out to Erick the Trainer, who never fails to inspire.

November 29: Give the person behind you your spot in line.
Technically, an epic failure. I didn't shop; there was nary a line in sight! So instead I jumped ahead to November 30 - Host a game night and spike the punch. Which I also didn't really do, but Pam, Jim and I hung out at Linda's while she and Lorna played "Get the decorations out of the attic" and we drank Rumchata Cocoa; it totally counts, and no humbug was seen for miles, yo.
And to all, a good night.

November 30: Host a game night and spike the punch.
I sorta did this one the night before, so today I suppose I should have enacted the previous day's charge and given someone my place in line. Hard to do when you're not a shopper, though! So instead, my cheer was extracted by making gravy and cranberry sauce for the Thanksgiving meal I shared with Pat after church Saturday night. (Spiked punch of a sort was enjoyed by way of an autumn cocktail made from prosecco, hard cider and cointreau. Delish!)

December 1: Decorate!
This one was a veritable piece o' cake. The decorations came upstairs last week, so we got the trees and garland up, and decorated the trees with Christmas music playing in the background. It's so pretty!

My collection of Hallmark rocking horsies.

December 2: Take care of someone who is always taking care of someone else.
This was another hard one for me, because I had made plans for dinner this evening long before the Challenge was issued. But honestly, this was time to take care of someone who always takes care of others, because that's my friend Dawn. We met for dinner and girl talk, and I think it was what we both needed. Plus, chocolate-pineapple-upside-down cake? Yes please.

December 3: Spend a little extra time with a four-legged friend.
December 4: Bring treats to work.
December 5: Reconnect with an old friend.
December 6: Write a letter to someone special and mail it.
December 7: Mix an eggnog cocktail.
December 8: Football; beer's on me.
December 9: Ditch work and hit the mat.
December 10: Leave a few coins behind for someone to discover.
December 11: Deliver cocoa to a neighbor.
December 12: Volunteer.
December 13: Turn off your phone and play Christmas music.
December 14: Carry someone's groceries to his/her car.
December 15: Share the love; leave someone an anonymous love note.
December 16: Surprise the person in line behind you with a free coffee.
December 17: Try something new.
December 18: Choose an adventure, like skating, sledding or snowshoeing.
December 19: Perform a random flower delivery.
December 20: Buy a round of cocktails.
December 21: Buy something that starts with A, B and C.
December 22: Form an airport cheer station and welcome people.
December 23: Call instead of text.
December 24: Take a family picture.

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