Friday, May 9, 2014

It's okay to feel sad

I know that for some people, it makes no sense whatsoever that I continue to grieve over the loss of Benld. He was, after all, "just a cat." But to me, he was so much more. He was what kept me going when I thought going on was just not an option. So yeah, it's gonna take some time for me to crawl into bed at the end of the day and not feel sad because he's not curled up in the crook of my arm, purring away. 

He did that every night.

And yet, there are mornings like this when the earth cries with me, and shows me the beauty within the sadness. That's definitely what I saw when I looked out my car window on the way to work and saw this.

Perfect green. Amber grain (though it is not waving). Dramatic sky. So gorgeous, I had to stop and snap a photo.

Truth is, it's okay to feel sad. It's also okay to feel happy even when you're sad. Saying goodbye is never easy. (Well, I suppose it could be easy, if you're saying goodbye to an asshole, but most of the time I just let them go without a goodbye because, asshole.) It's even okay to be going through the rollercoaster I'm on right now, sad when I'm home and missing the furboy, and happy when I'm dancing, running and hugging my friends.

Life's like that. And isn't it a good thing that we have the ability to feel all of it?

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