Thursday, April 16, 2015


A long time ago, someone really smart told me that if you don't spend the bulk of your time and money on the things you say you value, you are either lying, or living life out of balance.

I've been thinking a lot about balance these days, to be honest, in the literal sense. I try to schedule at least two yoga classes each week, and a significant portion of those 60-minute group therapy sessions are spent working on balance - the literal, and the metaphorical. It's hard to hold a pose on one foot while your body is dripping sweat and your muscles are begging for mercy. It's hard, too, to find time in the schedule to get the yoga in, and the running, swimming and biking in, and for the love of Mike, can I please find some time to just dance, and get to church, and see my family, and spend time with my friends, and when that's done maybe, just maybe, get some sleep?

You get my drift. Balance. It's not Mary-Lou-Retton-sticking-the-landing. It's day in, day out, how do we get it all done?

Answer: we don't. Not if balance is the goal, and in my book, it should be.

We become what we focus on. And if we're focused on the right things ... we might just find balance.

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