Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Combinations, both good and bad

The Good:

  • chocolate and peanut butter

  • (crunchy) peanut butter and jelly

  • Antonio Banderas and tequila (oh shut up, it's my list)

  • grilled cheese and Kelly

  • spotted cows, Sunday breakfast and Brian

  • comfortable walking shoes and Kevin

  • "true story" and Dale

  • pigs and saddlebags

  • spoons and twin beds

  • cute shoes and Kim

  • summer and clean white sheets

  • sleeping in and Me

  • bare feet and Me

  • sushi and Kirin...and Me

  • llamas and Rice (see photo, right, of Rice, mini rice, and llama)

  • beer and family visits

  • beer and more beer

  • bonfires and Skullcrusher Mountain
  • jail and Paris Hilton

The Bad

  • too much tequila and Me

  • camping and technology

  • liver and onions

  • hell, liver and anything

  • sleep and noise

  • weddings and Elizabeth Taylor

  • mustangs and hard tops

  • fruity drinks and no little umbrella

  • PCs and Me (gimme Mac or gimme death!)

  • babies and Metallica

  • toothpaste and orange juice


um, ew? said...

llamas and Rice

Is that a meal or an excursion?

maggie said...


"llama" is a gesture my friend Mike (who I call "Rice") have been sharing for...well...EVER. I'll post a picture.

it's all clear to me now said...

Very cute, Rice and llamas and mini Rice.

Kaylee's aunt maggie said...

aren't they cute?