Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Memorable musings

Sometimes, people are nice. They say nice things. They do stuff just because it makes me smile. I wanted to record a couple of them.

About ten years ago, there was this guy who could make my toes curl with just a smile. I have a letter he wrote to me - the sweetest Dear Jane letter ever, in which he basically explained that our friendship couldn't continue because our past couldn't fit into his future. Here's what he wrote:

  • "I think of you like a force of nature - you are like a sprite, a being not of this world, exiled like many of us from something or some place. Don't forget this; I never do. Thus comes the disquiet in my soul."

I rarely hear from him anymore, and each time I think of him it's sort of a bittersweet walk down memory lane. I suppose in some ways he'll always be my one that "got away."

But it's not as though that's the last nice thing that was said, so I thought I'd keep a record here of things people have said that bring a ray of light to my dark and twisty soul.

  • "You know, there really is nothing sexier than a woman doing your dishes."
  • "Sassy."
  • "And yet, you're beautiful...especially when you don't think so."
  • "He's stupid. And blind. And retarded."
  • "And THAT's why he makes me mad - he made you feel like less than."
  • "You were fun before the beer."
  • "I like your hair like that. It's thick, and unruly...like you, but not the way that sounded."
  • "Sorry, but it's not charming when you flip out when dinner doesn't turn out. It is, however, charming the way you have a level three nervous breakdown because you hurt a friend."
  • "I'm not saying I'm right and you're wrong; I'm saying I'm right and you're cute."
  • "No one else will ever be you and me."


Missed our Thursday chat... said...

I love you.

margot said...

Oh, I love you, too! I figured you were in GA...and I know you were loving me from there! Tell u what...I'll permit you to love me more today, too!

incognito said...

Hey, do you have a memorable musing from me? I didn't recognize one...

I wanna have a memorable musing!
I wanna have a memorable musing!


margot said...

Kim, if "incognito" is you, you DO have one! "And THAT's why he makes me mad - he made you feel like less than."