Monday, July 27, 2009

As my world turns

Life's been crazy lately, what with trying to bounce back from surgery and trying to get back to "normal" life. Here's what's been happening lately:

I started back to work last Thursday, July 23. Office politics may kill me, and were made even worse by the fact that I really didn't feel quite ready to be back yet. I have a new mantra: "Do your job and keep quiet." Not easy for me, but necessary.

My Mac crapped out. I need to take it to the Genius Bar and see if they can pull anything off of it, so everything isn't lost. It's six years old and has worked pretty much non-stop in that time, so I'm not going to complain too loudly. Mike and Rae are graciously supplying me with a loaner to get me through until I can afford to replace it. I'll be going with an iMac next time, and I'll start squirreling money away for that as soon as the car is replaced.

As for the car, it's running fine, but we turned the 200,000 mile mark last week. I don't want to drive it through another winter; that would just be too much to ask of it. So sometime between the end of September and Thanksgiving, I'll be car shopping. I hope to replace the Jeep of Love with a similar, but newer, vehicle. I want something with the same engine, because that reliable little baby has run like a dream. I'm thinking 2003 or newer Cherokee or Wrangler, 4.0 liter inline six-cylinder, not yellow. Other than that, I'm easy.

I get nauseated really easy since the surgery. If I don't have a little food in my tummy, walking to the bathroom gives me motion sickness. It's weird.

I love Indian food. I'm new to it, and I don't think I like the super-spicey stuff, but I am really enjoying every bite. Trader Joe's has some terrific simmer sauces I can make at home, and their frozen naan is food of the gods. And yes, I think of James with every bite.

I spent all day yesterday at my dad's house. It was a beautiful day. I lounged in the backyard to get a little sun, something I haven't done in about 20 years. Dad is recovering pretty well from his knee surgery (he had the second one replaced about three weeks ago) and he's at the point now where he's ready to be running around but his knee isn't ready for that. Impatience, thy name is Glenn. We celebrated my sister Jenn's birthday, and her husband made lasagna. Wow ... just delicious. Is there anything that layers of pasta and cheese with a side of garlic bread can't cure?

Doctor says I can't go back to the gym for another week. I miss it, and my friends there, terribly. I think this weekend I will at least spend some time on a lounge chair at the pool. It's not exactly a workout, but it will at least get me back in the door!

That's it from me for the time being. What's new with you?

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