Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post birthday post

By now, we're well into September, which everyone knows is also My Birthday Month. The actual birthday was last Saturday, but one day simply isn't enough. I require an entire month to celebrate.

Kicking of the Birthday Month with Labor Day weekend is generally perfect, and this year was no exception. We were allowed to leave work a little early on Friday, so rather than wait for my train I drove up to Lake Geneva, and it was grand! Amber and I went to our favorite dive bar on Friday for karaoke, and it was a small, wonderful gathering. I think everyone in the rotation was a friend! There was a lot of love and a little beer, and by the end of the night we were all tired and content.

Saturday morning, I woke up hungry. Somehow, cereal tastes better at Amber's house. She was such a good sport, never once telling me to shut the hell up when I raised my hands above my head and shouted "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!" We spent it lounging out by the pool, with Tim (the handsomest poolboy ever) and Laura, when she finally got moving. Pizza for lunch (Amber really knows how to order!) rounded out the perfect afternoon. Eventually Tim had to leave us to go to work, and Amber had to go out to dinner with someone who wasn't me, but Laura stayed and we enjoyed my favorite meal: grilled cheese and tomato bisque. So delicious!

We watched two movies - The Secret Life of Bees (wonderful) and Keeping Mum (freaking AWESOME). You should see them. By the time our movies were over I was tired, so Laura hit the road and I hit the hay, even though I had an invitation to bar hop a bit with Tim after he got done with work. You know I'm tired when I turn down the opportunity to have a drink with a cute boy!

Sunday would have been very romantic, had it not been just me and Amber. We went to Pop More Corks for a wine tasting (I bought a bottle of a lovely Rioja) and then ate our way through the gourmet shop. We bought some bread and then sat in the park noshing, watching the water, reading and relaxing. Up until Tim called and invited us to come for coffee. Mmmm, coffee.

That night, the three of us met up with Tom at the Walworth County Fair. If it was fried, we ate it. I'm still not recovered, but it was delicious. We listened to Styx until we got tired of them playing just a few of their hits, and then it was back for more fried food.

By the time Monday rolled around, I was ready to head home. Even though Dale had promised delicious seafood, I got in the car and pointed it toward Arlington Heights. It was good to be home, to sleep in my own bed and be with my extremely demanding cat. As for the rest of the month, there will be trips to Millennium Park, dinner with Patrick, a day with my dad, my first gay wedding (yeah, John & Steven!) and will have my official Meeting of Creditors to finalize my bankruptcy. It's a big month - a month of celebrations and important stuff. And if you haven't discovered it yet, this month a few friends of mine and I launched, a non-profit organization dedicated to the global spread of Awesome and Choices. Pardon my shameless plug, but we think it's Awesome. Check it out!

So that's it, the recap of my Birthday Weekend and the stuff that's shakin' in my world. Now if only Becky would update her blog ...

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