Monday, October 19, 2009

Along the Trail

I'm not really one to get into the whole historical reenactment thing. (Sorry, Charlie.) It was just never my thing. So while I enjoyed spending time at the Lincoln Log Cabin while in college, or delighted in the occasional trip to Blackberry as a kid, it wasn't something that I relished.

So when Shakespeare (aka Jessica) asked me to come with her and her boyfriend to Trail of History over the weekend, I said yes not because I was eager to go, but because it was important to her. And I had a historically fantastic time.

The property of Glacial Park in Richmond, IL is truly beautiful. The three of us spent the day wandering through history and meeting up with Jessica's old friends. You see, Jess' Aunt Mary has a long history (pun intended) with Trail, and she is the reason Jessica got involved in the first place. So each time we ran into another friend, they wanted to know how Aunt Mary was doing. And Jess would have to explain that she was not doing well, that ALS was running its course and if they wanted to talk with Aunt Mary, it would be best to call sooner rather than later. "Right now, she's just waiting on a miracle," Jess would say. And tears would fall and hugs would comfort and support would be offered.

And so it was on this perfect autumn day that Jess' boyfriend and I got to know Aunt Mary, or the history of her, at least. It brought both of us closer to Jess, and all of us closer as friends. It introduced me to some wonderful new people and gave me a new appreciation for history, and the people who offer up its lessons, live and in person.

It was a beautiful day full of heart and humor, and I'm profoundly glad to have shared in it.

The lovely Shakespeare, aka Jessica Keith.

Isn't it beautiful?
Puffy clouds and history ... the perfect day.

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