Friday, November 6, 2009


Back in the days when Ellen Degeneres had a sitcom called Ellen, there was an episode when she introduced the idea of TGITWE. Let's not just thank God for Friday ... thank God it's the weekend!

And this week has been one of those I will gladly put behind me. An entire issue of the monthly magazine (really a fancy newsletter) I edit got blown up and had to be re-written. In less than 24 hours. I DO NOT LIKE TO TAKE WORK HOME, but it had to be done. It's behind me now, and I'm trying not to be bitter, but now I'm behind on every other project on my plate. All that, plus I'm still having issues adjusting to the glasses. Eye strain is not my friend.

I'm just a little complain-y right now, but that's all gonna be over as soon as 4:30 rolls around and it's officially The Weekend.

Tonight, I'm going to a friend's book signing. Tomorrow, scrapbooking with my sister. Sunday, lounging around and spending some time with an old friend. It's the weekend, my friends, and it can't come soon enough.

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