Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fraudulent behavior

Sometimes, I feel like an utter fraud.

I mean, if you're not a great writer, can you call yourself that, even if it is your job title?

Can you call yourself a runner if you still can't run a consistent 15-minute mile? Hell, if you can't run the full mile without slowing to a walk?

Can you call yourself a knitter when you keep ripping out rows?

Can you say you're a good housekeeper when you just found another massive dust bunny?

Can you be a good cook and only just have learned to boil an egg?


KellyAnn said...

Yes. You are a great writer. Period.

Yes. You are running aren't you? I mean seriously, you are RUNNING. That is crazy amazing.

Yes. I would just like you to know that scarf that Kevin's sister made him is one of his favorite articles of clothing ever. EVER.

Seriously? I mean for one, who cares?!! I mean does anyone ever say,"I want to be a good housekeeper when I grow up!" And you are just being a good Mommy leaving at least one massive dust bunny for Benld to play with when you are not home.

And Finally, yes. I got 3 words for ya...Saturday night Special!

Need I say more?

Love you even when you are on your pity pot.


maggie said...

Thanks, B. You and me? We're 5 by 5. ;)