Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, December 14

  1. I love my cat. Like, really love my cat. Which explains why I feel an extraordinary amount of guilt for the way he is not adjusting to our new, temporary digs. He and I moved about 30 minutes north for a month, to watch a friend's house and critters while she (the homeowner, not the cat) is travelling. The fuzzy dude is not handling this as well as I'd hoped. But then, this is only day one. Hopefully tomorrow will bring Good Things.
  2. I'm going to learn how to snowshoe. On January 9, I'm taking a snowshoe clinic. Then, on January 30, I'm participating in a snowshoe 5k. I probably need my noggin examined.
  3. This has been a hard week on the diet. Most days, I've been over on my calorie intake. I need to nip this in the bud so it doesn't get out of control, because let's face it - I like wearing pants.
  4. Sometimes, things work out when you least expect them to.
  5. I'm pretty good at meeting deadlines, but when I miss them, I miss them big. Things at work are flying fast and furious these days, and I totally blew past a deadline this week. I was supposed to turn copy over yesterday. I just started routing today. That is probably the first time this year that I've been in this situation, but that really doesn't help me feel any better.
  6. On the good side of things, I learned last evening that my niece Kaylee in Tucson wants to spend Christmas with me. I would love to spend Christmas with her, too (not to mention her mom and dad,) and think maybe in a few years I should plan a December trip. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up on Christmas morning to a cactus, instead of two feet of snow? I mean, just once?
  7. One of my favorite memories - even if I do have to share it with my ex - was of the first Thanksgiving after my mom died. We went to Tucson. We had Thanksgiving dinner outdoors. It was completely wonderful, the perfect antidote for the sadness of it being that first year sans mom.
  8. I need a haircut.
  9. I feel guilty because I didn't make it to the gym tonight, although I'm pretty sure getting Benld and I moved in to the Country House was the right thing to do tonight.
  10. I love you. I love that you log on and read my ramblings, and I love you, just the way you are. (With apologies to Billy Joel.)

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