Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer? A list.

This summer, while taking its sweet time to get here, has already offered me splendid opportunities to enjoy things I love. Already this year, I have lounged poolside, been out on a boat, and spent a day at a water park. It's been perfect, and it's not even really summer yet! (The solstice is June 21.) So it got me thinkin' ... what else do I not want to miss? Here is my summer to-do list:

  • Participate in another obstacle race. (Doin' it this Saturday.)

  • Get a bike. Ride it.

  • See a movie at the drive-in.

  • Rollerblade (without falling on my touchas like I did last time I tried.)

  • Grill the perfect burger. (Much easier since Linda gave me a grill.)

  • Spend a day at Millennium Park.

  • Take yoga at Millennium Park.

  • See/hear a concert at Ravinia.

  • Let my friend Dale cook for me.

  • Fireworks!

  • Road trip to Charleston, IL.

  • Take a hike.

  • Have a picnic.

  • Build a sandcastle.
That's it; pretty doable, I think! What's on your list?


Lost in Confusion said...
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Emily said...

Make sure to let me know when you're doing Millennium Park, I would love to join you, mostly cause I miss your face!

Janie said...

- Visit every park in our town with Liam

- Have breakfast on the deck most days.

- Finish two charity quilts.

- Spend one entire day in my lounger with my Kindle.

- Finish my "spring" cleaning.

OK that's enough. This is beginning o sound like work now. :)