Friday, March 2, 2012

Fit for a Princess

I have absolute princess withdrawals.

A week ago, I was in Orlando. A year's worth of planning and execution were playing out, and all the "what-ifs" and "maybes" were about to be crushed.

My first half marathon was on the horizon.

For the record, I finished. I finished slowly, but I'm so proud that I did it. And now, I'm feeling a little let down. A little ... princess melancholy.

But the thing of it is, I did it. There are moments when I just can't believe it. It took courage to enter. It took strength to finish. I did both. If you want to read about it in depth, you can find my race report here.

And now I'm trying to decide what's next. I'm pretty sure I want to do another half marathon this year. I know I want to do two Disney half marathons next year ... and maybe three. And I know now that I can. I just need to make a decision, register and start planning.

For the moment, I need to be content with being fit for a princess.

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