Friday, September 30, 2016

The Haiku Project – September 2016

Day 1  - September 5

I have decided
to write a haiku each day
my fiftieth year
(With apologies to my friend Janie, who reminds me that this is actually my 51st year. Whatever. I screwed up the new millennium, too.)

Day 2 - September 6

Weekend memories
Fill my soul with such delight
Never felt so loved 

Day 3 - September 7

Stop making mistakes
I made before you were born
Learn, and make new ones

Day 4 -September 8

people walking through
the airport seem not to know
they are not alone

Day 5 - September 9

Dole whip with rum's good
Champagne with Chambord is, too
Let's toast to 50

Day 6 - September 10

My feet are so tired
Worth it because of my new
Fairy godmother

Day 7 - September 11

I'm home once again
Familiar smells, sights and sounds
But I miss palm trees

Day 8 - September 12

Mementos from trips
Provide a sweet reminder
Of yesterday's fun

Day 9 - September 13

You will not find a
Liver in a cooler here
Writers don't save lives

Day 10 - September 14

I don't like watching
Regretful downward spirals
So ... good luck with that

Day 11 - September 15

Alanis and I
Do not agree about what
Isn't ironic

Day 12 - September 16

just hand me coffee
and as Bob is my witness
no one will be harmed

Day 13 - September 17

last night we found it
the speck of dust onto which
we'll scribble stories

Day 14 - September 18

It takes just a few
Days to get used to sharing
Unlimited hugs

Day 15 - September 19

Thirteen-point-one miles
Will not run themselves, and so
It's back to training

Day 16 - September 20

Mammogram today
And a Pap smear, too - because
I really love life

Day 17- September 21

a day set aside
for international peace
it starts inside us

Day 18 - September 22

18 years ago
my favorite show premiered
many thanks, Sports Night

Day 19 - September 23

We all have bias
but if we try to see beyond
it can get better

Day 20 - September 24

Celebrating love
with extraordinary friends;
joy shared is more joy

Day 21 - September 25

sometimes even I
am a fool when it comes to
understanding you

Day 22 - September 26

the truth is, she goes
all the way to eleven
right across the board

Day 23 - September 27

What someone else thinks
pales in comparison to
the actual truth

Day 24 - September 28

Sometimes you have to
go crashing into the ground
before you can bounce

Day 25 - September 29

5:30 a.m.
spin class makes me want to die
did it anyway

Day 26 - September 30

Gray, rainy Friday
windows open, I smell fall
really not ready

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