Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Haiku Project - October 2016

October 1

10k in the rain
Stupid, stupid, stupid me
Trained for just a mile

October 2

Relaxing Sunday
Morning coffee and movies
All day on the couch


October 3

Waiting for Friday
Cubs play first post-season game
Go for 11


October 4 

Early morning run
Makes me feel strong all day long
Sorry 'bout the rhyme


October 5

Autumn sucks; shut up
you annoying, crunchy leaves-
precursors to cold

October 6

Sometimes work is hard;
It's almost always worth it.
Pride in job well done

October 7

Birthday tour goes on!
This time headed to Hudson
Biff! Amanda! Dogs!

October 8

Bourbon and baseball
a big TV and great friends
my life is perfect

October 9

Debates are better
with honeycrisp apple pie
and all the bourbon

October 10

Jake Arrieta
is my spirit animal
Pilates? Yes, please.

October 11

Today we honor
National Coming Out Day
Stand firmly in love

October 12

I don't want to hear
of third-party candidates
Save it for next year

October 13

My garden is gone
I will miss my outdoor space
Fall can kiss my ass

October 14

Compassion is the
most under-used resource in
America now

October 15

Tomorrow, I fly
Memphis is waiting for me
It's still summer there!

October 16

Walking in Memphis
the city captures you fast
with music and love

October 17

Dinner with Amy!
So grateful for my sweet friend
Thank you, laundry room

October 18

There's nothing like fun
at the old ballpark, even
if it's not your own

October 19

"You are my people,"
LeVar Burton told the crowd.
That guy is awesome.

October 20

I always miss Mom
When I'm watching a ball game
She would love this year

October 21

Beauty lies hidden
in a most unlikely place.
The smart ones seek it.

October 22

I don't know 'bout you,
but tonight's ballgame makes me
believe in heaven.

October 23

Leaves crunch underfoot
the chilly air fills my lungs.
Fall running is good!

October 24

Science is awesome,
but it's scary trying to find
something in my brain

October 25

Two months 'til Christmas!
If it has to be so cold,
look forward to that.

October 26

Around the table,
old friends trade stories and food;
laughter never dies

October 27

Faced with decisions
that challenge my thought process
I can't sleep at night

October 28

i carry your heart,
cummings wrote so long ago.
Tomorrow, I read.

October 29

"Take me or leave me"
we sang all those years ago.
I sure miss my friend.

October 30

Sometimes, you have to
get over yourself to be
the best kind of friend.

October 31

Don't be such a jerk
that you can't realize just
how good you have it

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