Saturday, January 14, 2017

52 Lists - January 1 through 7

Back in September, my sister Jennifer and I bought the same book - 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal. We thought it might be fun to work on the lists and compare notes. I thought it might also be fun to share the process throughout 2017. Is there anything more worthy of a weekly commitment than the pursuit of happiness?

List one is "What makes you happy right now?" I was fortunate to be writing out this list in Florida, and from a balcony of a cruise ship. Pretty sweet arrangement, and it shows through in my list. Here's a sampling of what's on my list:
  • Seeing Goofy, Pluto, Donald and Minnie
  • Really good chocolatea
  • A great cup of coffee
  • Netflix
  • Baths
  • Knitting
  • The perfect smell on a winter day
Once this list is final, the next step is to ask yourself, "how often do I actually get to experience these things?" Then, the idea is to pick one thing from the list and work on making it a daily practice. So, I'm planning to start each day with a great cup of coffee (I do this most days, anyway) and end each day with a great piece of chocolate. Decadence, book-ending my days.

So, come on in. Make your own list. We have all year.

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