Monday, August 31, 2009

Ch ch ch changes

I'm a month into the "following a budget" thing, and life is different. I no longer wake up in a panic - will I be able to pay the rent, the electric bill, my student loan? Yes, I will. I know that because I know where my money is going, and I know there's enough.

As I grow a little more confident in my abilities, I'm noticing other changes. My bank statement is really short - there are no unplanned purchases on it. No quick trips to Target or "emergency" meals out. I have enough for the things I need, and a few of the things I want. Like right now, I'm munching on a snack of roasted almonds at my desk. I keep a big container of them in my desk now, so when I need an afternoon snack I'm not running to the vending machine for an 80-cent Milky Way bar. Although that does sound delicious ...

Anyhoo, the almonds are my choice. I planned ahead, I bought a vat of almonds, and I've got snacks for several weeks. Less spendy, and better for me. Funny how that stuff works out.

Little by little, I'm learning ... becoming who I'm supposed to be.

In other news, evidently I'm also supposed to be strong. I went to the gym on Saturday (Di came along - blast!) and we did strength training and cardio classes. I don't have a single muscle that isn't crying today. Not complaining, mind you, just a little ouchie and desperately in need of a massage. Volunteers?

So it's another week in Maggie's World, with a three-day fantastic vacation at the end. I'm thinkin' this is gonna be a good week.

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