Friday, August 28, 2009

Lists and plans

I love making lists and I love making plans. I love planning vacations almost as much as I love taking vacations, and vacations mean lists! Things to do, things to pack, things to eat ... I love it all.

So I'm taking a vacation. It's not the island getaway I wish I could have, but it's a little something lovely in the midst of a crazy year. There isn't enough money to whisk myself away to somewhere beautiful, and I've used up all my vacation time between surgery and other required appointments, so my vacation for 2009 is happening over Labor Day Weekend.

As soon as I get done with work on Friday, September 4, I'm getting in the car and pointing it North to Wisconsin. I'm torn about my destination, for sure. It would be wonderful to head South to Jacksonville and see the Rices and the Carlsons - including my favorite Marine - but I'm feeling the need to be selfish with my time, and spend most of it with just little old me. I need to unhook a little bit from the craziness in the world and ... just ... be.

So I'm heading to Lake Geneva. I'll be staying with my friend Amber, who has a great condo in the woods. If the weather cooperates, I'll spend my days lounging by the pool. If it doesn't, I'll spend them curled up inside with a good book. My plan is to turn off the phone, and tune in to me. I'll take walks, practice yoga, cuddle the dogs, visit the lake, swim, go to karaoke, eat some delicious food and take a long bath. Maybe I'll write, maybe I'll eat a mushroom burger, maybe I'll skip stones.

But no matter what I do, here's what I promise not to do: make a list. I'm not doing it. I really am unhooking, relinquishing my grip on plans and letting things happen as they will. If I forget to pack something, oh well. I can go a few days without underwear. If I forget to do something, it won't matter. It's just me and Amber, anyway ... no big deal. So, a week from today, off I'll go on my three-day vacation. I will miss you. I will really miss Ryan, who is only in from Quantico for a quick weekend visit, and Cindy, who will celebrate her birthday on September 7. I'll miss my biological family and my friends and my cat, but I think I'm gonna have a blast, anyway.

It's only a week away. I'm gonna try not to count the days.


Becky said...

i was wondering if you were going to get a chance to come down and see him or not. no worries, you will be missed, but good for you for realizing you need to just relax and unplug. have a great time!!

maggie said...

Thanks, Bex. I will miss you and everyone else, but I know I'll have a great time. Please pass extra hugs to everyone! Love you.