Tuesday, June 1, 2010

10 on Tuesday, June 1

  1. I love June. Summer makes me happy.
  2. What a fantastic weekend! I was able to spend a lot of time either lounging poolside or driving with the top down. I keep sunscreen in my car out of necessity; I think that's the coolest thing in the world.
  3. I'm slowly obtaining my summer glow. I know technically it's not healthy to tan, but I use as strong an SPF as I can (30) without breaking out in hella-hives, and I try not to relax out there for too long. I'm not going to spend the summer hiding in the shade.
  4. Speaking of lounging in the sun, I came to an important realization on Sunday. I was at Polly's mom's pool, and it was hot and sunny. I had my swimsuit, so I decided to hop into it and cool off in the pool. Polly's cousin Jennifer was there, looking like her beautiful self, and by comparison I'm sure I looked like a sad whale. But as I told Polly, I'm over worrying about how I look. The truth is, I'm overweight. It's not like all of a sudden people will see me in a swimsuit and realize this! So why not take a dip with the kiddoes, relax on a lounge chair, and enjoy every gorgeous moment of summer? Why not, indeed.
  5. I had completely forgotten that in Season Three of Moonlighting, the character of Sam is played by Mark Harmon. A very young Mark Harmon. The scene when David knocks on Maddie's door, intent on telling her he loves her, and Sam answers ... it's still heartbreaking after all these years.
  6. Sometimes, no matter how hard ya try, ya screw up. The trick is to move on with some semblance of grace and dignity.
  7. I really want more of those shishkabobs Polly made on Sunday.
  8. The bad news: my scrubby soap thing melted in my gym bag. The good news: it smelled really good, and now everything in my gym bag smells like it. Not a bad trade.
  9. It's vacation season and I'm not going anywhere. I wanted to, but airfare is just insane right now. So I'm going to let the money sit in my account and make more of itself for the time being. Besides, I need a new mattress and a new computer and lots of other things more than I need a vacation. I think.
  10. Work is crazy in June. The people I work with are crazy in June, too. I fit right in.


Charlie and Cindy said...

You could vacation in Jacksonville Illinois.

maggie said...

I've been to Jacksonville Illinois. While some of my favorite people are there, it lacks a certain something as a vacation spot!