Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday, June 22

  1. I bought sunglasses. I had to do it on my own, because while I’ll see Tucson Mike in less than a week, we will not have time to shop. This puts a lot of pressure on me, but I think I did okay. Found two pairs that I really like, and they were buy one/get one half off. What good a pair of half-off sunglasses does me, I’ll never know. At least if they’re half off, they’re also half on.
  2. Co-worker Mike is bringing me his bike. And that was an unfortunate rhyme. Anyway, I’ll be using it to train for the Muddy Buddy race on August 1. You should come cheer us on!
  3. I have the ingredients to make panzanella – tomato and bread salad. Can I just say, yum?
  4. Last Friday, we had some of the most freakish weather ever. The sky turned dark and scary, the wind was crazy and we lost power at the office. So what did we do? Went to the nearest bar for a few beers. Soon, it was safe to drive home and all was well … except I had no power there, either. It didn’t come on until 6:19 a.m. Good thing I have friends who are willing to entertain me in my hour of need!
  5. I am not usually excited to perform manual labor. However, this weekend I will be pleased as punch to help move my friends Eric and Millie, and their son Danny, to Aurora. They currently live in DeKalb, which is too far away. Aurora will be much more manageable, for me, anyway. It will be worth the sweat and the icky to have them not living in Iowa.
  6. At this time next week, Conference will be happening. Many of our management will be in Milwaukee, and it will be quiet, like the day after Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to getting my cubicle clean and leaving on time.
  7. I’m giving myself a little vacation. Fourth of July weekend will find me in Wisconsin, enjoying the water and the company of good friends. I know it’s not most people’s idea of a great vacation adventure, and I know it wasn’t my first choice of where I’d be heading … but it will certainly allow me to rest, relax and enjoy a little time away from the normal day-to-day.
  8. I get to see Tucson Mike in just a few days! Well, the rest of the family, too … but it all started with Mike, and I can’t wait to see him. And eat chicken and dumplings. And hang out with the family. Now, of course, I have to admit … I wish the girls were coming, too.
  9. I spent part of the day Sunday at my dad’s, because it was Father’s Day. I got presents. I love Father’s Day!
  10. Co-worker Lisa and I still walk every day at lunch, as long as it isn’t raining. Today, it was hotter than hot outside. As my friend Marc said, it was “stupid hot”. And I figured, what the hell … at least it’s a dry stupid hot.

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