Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, June 15

  1. I am trying my damndest to prep for the Muddy Buddy race on August 1. Co-worker Mike and I will run/bike/complete obstacles/crawl through mud on a seven-mile course on a farm in Gilberts, IL. I just hope I don’t make a jackass out of myself. Or die. Or come in last.
  2. I really miss having a patio or balcony. I love my little home, but within the next couple of years, I’d really like to upgrade to a place that gives me outside space.
  3. Can I say once again how incredibly proud I am of Choose Awesome? Between our sponsorship and donations to our team of (two) walkers in the Relay for Life, the American Cancer Society received more than $560. It was a great feeling to walk for a cause that really matters – to us personally, and to our organization. For our very first venture, it feels pretty incredible. Or should I say awesome?
  4. My dad, sister and nephew are still in Hawaii. Some day, I hope to go there. The pictures they’ve posted so far (yes, they access Facebook from the Big Island) are gorgeous.
  5. While I miss my Blackberry (which I never should’ve gotten because I’m a Mac person and that’s just wrong) I kind of enjoy having just a regular ordinary doesn’t-do-anything phone. There’s a feeling of being unhooked that comes from not being reachable 24/7. I like that. I will remember that when I go iPhone, and not feel so attached.
  6. My container garden is doing very well! I’m going to have to transplant some of the herbs out to give Tom (that’s the tomato) a chance to grow. I am so excited to have fresh tomatoes!
  7. I’m still tired from being up all night Friday at the Relay. I am not as young as I once was.
  8. I really dislike accepting copy changes from people who aren’t writers. Conversely, I really like having a job. At times, these feelings run at cross purposes with one another.
  9. This Sunday is Father’s Day. As much as Mother’s Day is tough for me, being half orphaned and all, I feel for my friends who have lost their fathers. I talk to my dad almost every day, and I am always grateful for being able to do that – in part because I have a reminder, in the form of my friends, that life is short, and Dad won’t be with me forever. Your loss has given me important perspective, and I am grateful for that. You will be in my thoughts on Sunday.
  10. I really (really) try to refrain from being passive-aggressive and snarky. This may come as a huge surprise, because it probably doesn’t seem that way. Just think: what if I didn’t try? My world would be nothing but snark. I’ll pause while you feel grateful.

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