Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ten, Wednesday, January 26

  1. Life comes equipped with twists and turns. This keeps things interesting. For example, two years ago, I received what I felt was the worst evaluation of my career. Having been down several crappy career paths, I chose to see this as an opportunity. While I didn't agree with what was said, I did have to accept that this was my boss' perception. I could either work to change that, or find a different job. I stayed, did the work, and yesterday - two years later - I received probably the best review of my career. Words and phrases such as "masterful", "passion for excellence", and "cheerleader" were used. I'm still smiling.
  2. I think the "cheerleader" reference is the most meaningful, because it was used to describe how I support my co-workers. See, there's been a lot of pressure over the last few months. It's been extremely rough, and some of y colleagues have given well beyond what is generally expected. And I was described as being their cheerleader - the person that pulls for ever member of the team, and gives accolades to my peers, because they're awesome. With these people, that's easy to do.
  3. And oh, before I forget, I got a promotion. I am now a Senior Writer. That felt good.
  4. Sometimes, even in these perfect moments, when everything seems pointed in the right direction, those evil thoughts creep in. "But ... are you missing something?" Being sans-partner, sometimes my mind asks me if I'm not getting the fullness of life, because I'm doing it on my own. Well, first of all, I'm not ... not really. I'm in it with a myriad of amazing people, and that is nothing like alone. Secondly, I think I'm one of those people who, when there's too much distraction, fractures the important. My career at Nalco took a downward spiral post-relationship; I'm not sure my career can handle a relationship. But finally - and this is the big one - I don't feel remotely incomplete. I am more whole today than I have ever been when I was dating someone. It would take an absolute prince to make it worthwhile to try.
  5. I will be going to Tucson at least once this year. I miss the desert. It makes me happy. But wait ... it's not just the desert. It's the people! I will spend time amongst the cacti with Mike, Rae and Kaylee. There will be much fun, and delicious food. There is always delicious food.
  6. This year I will be doing two different fundraising walks - one for MS, and one for the American Cancer Society. If I ask you to donate, feel free to just high-five me in support. No pressure, but a little somethin' is always appreciated, too.
  7. The Friday before Valentine's Day, uber-great instructor Donna is teaching a 90-minute salsa/funk class at the poshest gym ever, and I'm going. If only just to use their showers afterward.
  8. Take a bed of field greens, some chicken breast marinated in Buffalo sauce, then grilled and sliced, plus some chopped celery and grated carrot. Top it all with a little blue cheese and some ranch dressing ... divine. Buffalo Chicken Salad. You're welcome.
  9. I'm out of Christmas candy. This makes me cranky.
  10. You know around the small of your back, where lattisimus dorsi hang out along the spine, and the body sorta dips in? No? Okay, go find someone you love; I'll wait. Back? Good. Now, put your arm around your loved one's waist, resting your hand along the small of his or her back. Feel the little dip? Yeah. For a long time, mine felt like mashed potatoes. Now, it feels like mashed potatoes and muscle. Progress!

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