Thursday, August 9, 2012

I need ...

  • To figure out why I have gastrointestinal distress every afternoon.
  • A good eyebrow waxing.
  • To write my own manifesto. 
  • Not to mention stay motivated to finish the book. (Spoiler alert: it's good.)
  • A staff of five to come help me finish packing. (Thankfully my girlfriends are totally stepping up to that plate.)
  • For a certain person I know to stop being a complete douchecanoe. 
  • An airline ticket to Minneapolis. 
  • And one to Portland.
  • And San Diego.
  • And while I'm at it ... Istanbul. Not, however, Constantinople.
  • A glass of wine.
  • This lamp. And this paddle game.
  • My calf to stop hurting.
  • My mommy. Yes, sometimes I do. Shut up.
  • Coffee.
  • Someone to make me dinner.
  • Fresh air. 
  • To run.
  • For you to smile.
  • To remember to be grateful.


Janie said...

I hope that is Portland, Oregon in that plane ticket list!

Maggie said...

It is! It is!