Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Food is a four-letter word beginning with "f"

And it is good.

This weekend, I travelled to Lake Geneva for some much-needed relaxation, a change of scenery, and to visit with friends.

I also ate some unbelievable food.

I arrived in late afternoon, because I was very procrastinatey in getting my run in on Saturday morning. So I got to Amber and Jeremiah's around 4 and hung out with them for awhile. Then it was time to visit Dale & Candy and have a few cocktails and some nosh.

He had eaten all the softshell crab by the time I arrived.

We had a great visit, actually had a civil conversation about politics, and had lots of laughs over old photographs. I got home far too late and woke up far too early, but it was nice to have a whole day stretching out with nothing planned.

Except breakfast.

Here's where things get interesting. A little place called Fiddelsticks in Elkhorn, Wisconsin ... I am in love. Our friend Laura met us, and at the restaurant I ran into a friend from the gym. (Odd, right?) I ordered the Benedict of the Day.

It was smoked chicken atop jalapeno cornbread, with the usual poached egg and hollandaise (translation: "Fat Sauce") on top. Bliss on a plate, served with breakfast potatoes.

I would marry this breakfast.

The rest of the weekend wasn't awful, food-wise. Stuffed peppers for dinner, an entire package of Toffeefay candy, the occasional latte. But I am sure that breakfast is why the scale didn't do anything significant this week.

Sigh. I miss that plate of food.

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