Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ten on Thursday (or, shut up at least I update)

Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing, or sometimes you just can't explain it
I love my classes at the gym. I've resigned myself to the fact that Laurel's Hip-Hop class is a bit too advanced for my 43-year-old feet, but Donna's Salsa-Funk on Monday nights just gives me so much joy. And sometimes, the music she chooses is almost too perfect, like she's reading my mind. "Since You 'Been Gone" the week the divorce was final. "Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing" when finances weigh heavy on my mind. There are moments when it's all I can do to not weep openly in the middle of class. There are other moments when I just let the tears fall. It's so freeing, so cathartic, and I'm surrounded by friends, by amazing energy that fills my soul while moving soothes my body. It's amazing. Come visit me on a Monday night, and we'll go together. It will change your life.

You Can't Always Get What You Want, or this is gonna need to be taken in
I need new clothes. I have no money. Today I am wearing pants that I can take off without unbuttoning them. They sag in all the wrong places. So this weekend, I'm getting out the sewing machine. I can't really wear them like this anymore, so if I ruin them while trying to re-make them, oh well, right? While I'm at it, I may add belt loops to my too-big jacket so maybe it won't look so ridiculous. I know it's a good problem to have, but I can't really embrace it with a new wardrobe ... so I'll simply adjust things as I can, and the world will just have to understand.

Sleep Like a Baby, or slumber is an elusive bitch
I've been having a rough time sleeping. Went a couple nights without much in the way of actual rest, and those of you who know me also know that this is a recipe for disaster. No amount of coffee can make up for it. It's just ... bad! So last night, I unhooked from the world. I didn't go to the gym (although I did walk at lunchtime,) and I made myself a wonderful dinner - blackened salmon, rice (not Rice,) peas and broccoli, with a glass of white wine and a glass of water. I served myself at the table with a beautiful place setting, cloth napkin and some light reading. Listening to Nickel Creek, I relaxed into my meal. After dinner, I ran a hot bath with oodles of bubbles and candles and more music, and at 8 p.m., I shut off the phone. No computer. No television. No phone. Just me and a book to read and paper on which to write. In the quiet, I'm able to hear myself think. It was wonderful. I will be doing more of that for myself over time.

Somewhere Only We Know, or hit the road, Mags
I have a horrible hankering for travel and the budget to maybe vacation in Schaumburg. These run at rather definite cross purposes in my life. I long to camp in the Grand Canyon, cruise the Mediterranean, eat my way through Italy and see Mt. Rainier once again. Instead I will likely enjoy some time at my friend Amber's in Lake Geneva. And that's okay, because a little time a bit away from home is better than nothing. But that won't stop me from checking out travel books at the library and dreaming of where I'll go next. Wanna come along?

Like the Way I Do, or shut up and let me write!
I'm a reasonable person. Okay, most of the time. And in a perfect world, I would work in a little office with mocha-colored walls and a comfy chair overlooking the Caribbean. It's not a perfect world, so I work in a cubicle that wants to be in France (complete with the Eiffel Tour lamp) and the din of craziness all around. But for the love of Pete, stop asking questions. "Do we capitalize the W in Web?" "Is Hostess a proper noun?" "Do we call it National Conference or just Conference?" Any of these questions could be answered by checking the corporate style guide. Which I wrote. So you would stop asking me. But asking out loud every 10 minutes or so is easier than looking it up. It just isn't the most comfortable working environment for moi. I know not everyone works the way I do ... some of you thrive in noisy newsroom surroundings. But that's not me, so if you really need me, tap on my shoulder because I'm wearing headphones.

How Do You Like Me Now, or the cellulite polka
Over the past 12 months or so, I've really done well as far as my health is concerned. I started off with about 100 pounds to lose, and I've taken off about 50, so half of what needs to go is gone. But half remains. *sigh*. Not gonna beat myself up - it's been a good year, and we're trending in the right direction - but damn, I really do need to kick the plan into gear again. So this week, with the help and encouragement of good friends, I have once again started logging my food and activity. I've continued walking almost every day at lunch - even yesterday, when it was damn cold outside! So I'm thinking one solid habit each week or so to get me back in the swing. This week: Water. Getting my eight glasses a day is a challenge, but I'm remembering Ryan's advice: Get out of bed (or "attack the day" as he puts it) and drink a big glass before you do anything else. I'm trying.

Smooth, or free is a really good price
Linda, one of the managers at the best store in the universe, Lush, called me today to ask if I was still interested in coming in on Saturday for a free facial. "Is it okay if I don't spend money," I asked. Linda knows I'm poor. "Come on in!" she said. "You entertain us!" So at 2 p.m. on Saturday, my skin will be pampered, at no cost to me. Although I may have to get another one of those Karma bubble bars. Have you smelled me lately? Really, it's almost unfair.

Yes, I know, it's not ten, but it's something. Becky.


jjsinks said...

go mags!! 50 lbs is awesome!!! and you did it without "jenny"

jpb2525 said...

50 lbs. is. amazing. Don't even discount the hard work and dedication you have put into that! You are so amzing. I can only wish I had the amazing gift of writing that you have!!

mags said...

I just love you guys so much. Thank you!

See you in the morning, my dear John!

monkeyhouse said...

Wow. You've lost TWO Kaylees!

maggie said...

Yes, that's the plan ... Kaylee grows, I shrink.

Becky said...

Yeah, yeah. Matt updated last night, and I have a few posts in the works - does that count?

50 pounds IS amazing, Mags! I just know you can lose the other 50. Just keep thinking you're halfway there!

Love ya.