Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday's Almost Over

1. We are Family, or who are all these people?
The weekend offered opportunities to spend time with people I love. Most of them happened - including a relaxing time with Clan Rice/Carlson/Bathje and spending a lazy Sunday at my Dad's house, mooching his washing machine and a little lunch along the way. At each of these visits, I was greeted at the door with hugs and love. I can't help but be touched by the way these people love me, whether my blood runs through their veins or not. Put us in a room together, and we'll be the ones loving each other.

One of those opportunities was a miss. I didn't make it to Patrick's mom's for dinner on Sunday; wires were crossed, numbers were lost and contact wasn't made. I hate missing his birthday, because he always works so hard to make mine special. Perhaps, this year, it simply wasn't meant to be.

2. They Say It's Your Birthday, or shake it John!
Today is my Johnny PB's birthday. I adore him. He surrounds me with love. Last night at the gym, Donna called him up on the stage to dance with her doing one of the last numbers of the night. I could watch him dance for a living! He's adorable. He has a groove thing, and he knows how to shake it. I am so glad he's my friend. Happy birthday, my darling John!

3. Something in the Way She Moves, or did you say dainty?
Shakespeare made it for the second half of Hip-Hop last night. Holler! We learned a new routine, and then finished off the one from last week that almost killed me. I work really hard in class. I also fail a lot, but it's so much fun I just don't give a damn. So I finish a combination last night, end in such a way that reduces me to gales of laughter and Shakespeare tells me the way I move is dainty. No one has ever referred to anything remotely concerning me as "dainty" before in my entire life. I am marking this on the calendar.

4. Suddenly I See, or I'll be damned, I can grow.
Not much new on the financial front, except I know I am improving my situation. By summer I will no longer be living paycheck-to-paycheck. Last year at this time, I tackled my health - getting better physically for my own well-being. This year, it's my financial health. Each day, the picture becomes clearer. My future is going to be bright, even if I got a late start.

5. Heart in Hand, or brother can you spare me a couch?
I started back in therapy last week. I have some grief issues that are still hanging around after the many losses over the last several years, and I don't necessarily feel the way I handled them was the healthiest it could have been. I feel capable of the work it will take to return to a healthier emotional state. It's a good feeling.

6. I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends, or thanks for pulling me back from the ledge.
Simply put, I have the greatest network of friends that have ever been bestowed upon a human in the history of the world. When Jeannie, my therapist, asked me about my support network, I started to cry, because I didn't know where to begin. One of the things I am committed to is getting better at allowing you to help me through the tough times. Thank you in advance for picking up the phone.

7. Seasons of Love, or please can we put the top down?
Spring is out there; I can smell it! So I know that, some day before too long, Cute Brian is going to call and we're going to take a drive when it's still not quite warm enough to be out with the top down, but we'll wear jackets and turn up the heat and manage as long as we can. Springtime is a fickle mistress, and I am taken by her every year. Please, come back to me!

8. The Weight, or does the scale trend the right way?
The Beautiful Helene this week told me she could tell I'm losing weight. Sadly, I don't see it. The scale doesn't agree. But I'll take it. I'll accept that as her assessment, and soak up the good feelings that come with it.

9. Already Gone, or bite me, I'm tired.
I know this is only nine, but it's been quite a day in quite a week, and I'm tired so I'm turning in. Thanks for reading, thanks for loving me. Send cheese.

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