Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1) Smell the Roses, or wow ... you seriously smell good
Shakespeare took me to my favorite store for the first time on Saturday. Lush, purveyors of everything wonderful, has transformed my life. Or at least my sense of smell. She treated me to seriously good Karma (my new signature scent) in the form of soap, shampoo and bubblebath. Get your nose over here - you're not going to believe it!

2) Shut Up and Drive, or sorry 'bout the hole in the pavement
Saturday was a very Shakespeare day. After we selected new running shoes for her (from a guy named Hakuna Matata at Dick's Sporting Goods) we went back to Chez Shakespeare for wine, cheese, chocolate and bubble bath. Yes, it's true. Then, she graciously drove to St. Charles where we met up with Acoustic Alternatives, people we both know but not part of our collective past. Eric was there with his friend Jeff, and the whole crazy group of us had a fantastic time, right down to the pizza and the chillin' and the music videos on Jeff's lovely television. It wasn't until the drive home - in the wee small hours of Sunday morning, in the rain - that things took a turn. Jess' tire didn't fully deflate until Sunday afternoon, but there it was. Damned potholes. But we were thankful we made it home safe.

3) Here Comes the Rain Again, or have you heard spring lately?
It's raining right now. It rained last night. And after months of snow and ice, the rain is a welcome change. I love water; sometimes, when life feels crappy, I'll symbolically bathe. Wash the bad stuff away, ya know? Or I'll take a walk in the rain, or share a quick goodnight kiss in the rain, or just sit and watch it fall outside my window. It brings wonderful, beautiful things, this rain. Sound sleep, peaceful thoughts and ... dare I say it? ... May flowers.

4) Workin' for a Livin', or hey, aren't you supposed to be dead?
Remember a few years ago on 24 when Edgar died? Well, a new guy started at my office on Monday. His name is Edgar. Swear to God, I can't call him by his name, because he's pretty much dead to me. I can't keep a straight face, it just makes me laugh.

5) Almost Like a Song, or sometimes I just can't get it together
My niece Aubri participated in a vocal competition last Saturday. These are the things aunties are supposed to be at; events at which I'm supposed to cheer. But recent events involving my car and my checkbook have caused me to consider very carefully the wisdom of travelling too far from home, so I sent my spirit instead. And ya know what? The little shit kicked vocal ass, and she's going to compete at the state level. At age 14. Sadly, she's not a blood relative, so it will be hard to take credit. But I'm still gonna try.

6) As Time Goes By, or what's the point in what if?
There are so many things that I wonder about, playing the "what if" game. What if I hadn't gone to Madison for 4th of July in 1998? What if I hadn't tried out for the fall play in ninth grade? What if I hadn't thrown Mike the keys, or learned to make margaritas, or stayed out until dawn in the parking lot of the pizza joint? What if I'd gotten my Master's, learned to drive stick shift, had the nerve to call him?

The answer is always the same: things would be different. Not necessarily better, or worse, just different. For now, I am content to realize that everything is as it should be, that the choices I make day to day are pretty much on target with who I want to be, and what if really doesn't get me anywhere. For the most part, it's a pretty stellar life. Ya can't go back, so ya might as well go forward, run down the hill, careening forward into whatever the future brings, knowing that the people you choose to share it with will be there with a margarita and a high-five and a hug.

7) Mexico, or please quench my thirst for travel
I've been writing a lot lately about Mexico, because that's where our company incentive trip will be headed next year. It pulls at me ... that need to get a stamp in the passport, to see the world, to open myself up to the possibilities of what's around the bend. For now, I have to be content knowing that I won't be going further than Geneva for vacation any time soon, but I will dream. And in my dreams, I have terrific red luggage and a traveling companion who makes my toes curl.

Back off; this is my dream.

8) Hey, Jealousy, or yeah, I think it'd be all right if you crash here tonight
I've said it before, and I'm surely not done ... I love that I have friends who will come over and make themselves at home. They know that what's mine is theirs, whether that's the bathtub (although please leave my awesome Karma bubbles for me!) or the coffee or the couch. On your first visit, you're a guest. After that, you're family. Move in. Stay. Nap. Nosh. Just be.

9) Take Good Care of My Baby, or how 'bout a little good health around here?
My CharlieDad isn't kicking anyone these days thanks to an infection in his leg. My sister Jenn's white cell count went haywire since her last appointment with the good doctor two months ago. So come on, folks ... nobody else have anything go wrong, at least for a little while.

10) Summer Breeze, or "I'll take what I'm not feeling for $500, Alex"
The window is still duct taped in the up position, and will be for the foreseeable future. On the upside, I can see out of it, and my car isn't full of water. I'll take it.


Charliedad said...

Charliedad is doing OK. Definately on the mend.

Maggie said...

Best news I've gotten all day. I love you, my CharlieDad!