Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eight on Tuesday

When You Wake Up Feeling Old
It's tough to be ninja. Had my third class this week, and I can honestly say I love it ... and it hurts. Rolled over in bed when the alarm went off this morning and it took me about 20 minutes to get upright. Ow ow ow ow ow ... but so worth it. It's a good feeling to move, and to realize that I would never have attempted this class a year ago. Wonder what next April will bring?

As You Cry
This Thursday marks five years since we lost Mom. Know, not "lost" in the traditional sense; she died, she didn't wander off at Target. I think of her often, and I grieve still for the unanswered questions and why she hasn't been able to coax the Cubs toward the World Series, but hey, maybe this is their year.

Love and Memories
Okay, Cute Brian, if you're reading this ... extract your head from your hindquarter and pick up the damn phone. I love you. You have been my friend through some of the toughest times of my life. Let's not toss that aside now. And if you can't call me ... call Abby.

Celebrate Me Home
I had an amazing Easter weekend in Lake Geneva and at my Dad's house. Took the train up, spent Thursday and Friday night at Amber's swanky condo, went to karaoke, let Dale cook for me, caught up with friends and just relaxed in my home away from home. Saturday night I met a friend for coffee, stayed up too late, and then on Easter I went to Dad's for more food, basketball with the nephew, and a family visit (plus free laundry, yay!) and a just plain perfect end to a fantastic weekend. I love that home really is wherever I happen to be ... because let's face it, it ain't about geography. Home is where your people are.

Broken Glass
So last night, I came home from the gym and I was over-hungry. The kind of hungry that makes the cat food look good. Anyway, I make myself a ham and cheese and tomato grilled wrap thing. I'm excited to eat the damn thing, it looked so good. I put it on a plat, start to cut it and SHATTER ... dropped the plate and the food on my beautiful tile floor, which means it broke all over the place. So now I'm starving and surrounded by a mess which I cannot eat. This only gets worse when you realize I haven't been to the grocery in about two weeks, so that was pretty much the end of the food I have in the house. Dinner was a bowl of cereal. Of course I put it off another day by having pasta tonight ... tomorrow, I have to hit the Jewel, or I really will eat the cat's food! And for the record, it's the plate, not the food that makes me sad. It was one of the antique plates the old ladies at church used to serve their special dinners on. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace it. But if not, well ... how many times do I serve more than seven people here, anyway?

Better Beautiful Than Perfect
There are days when I don't feel like either, but most of the time I consider myself a work in progress, and a work in progress (to me, anyway) is inherently beautiful. So as much as I'm a perfectionist, as much as I would really like to get things right pretty much all the time, I've come to the conclusion that perfect is a lofty goal, and beautiful is simply a state of being. Let's just hang out and be beautiful together, okay?

Wash Away
The weekend was cold. The last few days have been even colder, and rainy. I hope with all my heart that the rain has washed winter away for good and we can sink into something in the 60's for a little while now. That would be heavenly. Please?

Already Gone
Ten seems like too much lately, so eight's gonna have to do. It's almost 10:30, and I need my beauty sleep. (Those who have experienced Morning Maggie know this to be true!) So I'll say goodnight and I love you, until we meet back here again.

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