Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Not what we planned, part one
I went to Champaign over the weekend to see Matt Fear's most recent theatrical event, "The Great American Trailer Park Musical", and to visit Ryan. I woke up feeling not quite myself, so I slept in a little longer and got a later start ... which screwed up my visit with Ry, because he needed family time so he was going to see Dad and Cindy. See? The whole thing didn't even start out according to plan, but it worked out awesome. I arrived in Champaign, crashed at Matt & Em's for a few hours and then headed for the theater. Ryan would meet up with us after for a drink or two.

The show was phenomenal. I don't care what the show is; if it's at the Station Theater in Urbana, you should go. I was seated next to a Really Cool Dude, who happened to be a professor at U of I. I know this because I was in my seat when Fear texted me. Yeah, we're dorks. Anyway, after the standing ovation at the close of the show, it was time for me to go sit outside and look pretty and the cast and crew to strike set. And as the night wore on, my tired set in. It didn't look like there would be cocktails in my future.

Not what we planned, part two
I was planning to hit the couch at Fear's for the night, but strike was going remarkably slowly and I was on a bench outside doing the head-bob-thing. So I called Ryan, who graciously agreed to give me his couch for the night. Ya gotta love family; he tells me honestly that the couch is mine any time I want it, and I believe him. Note to the family, however: the boy eats peanut butter on a spoon out of the jar. You may want to send him food.

It was awesome to see Ryan. I tried not to let on that I was a bit nostalgic ... this is the last time I'd see my baby "brother" as a college student. Next time, he would be the same guy, but with a degree and a career in the Marines. Crazy, really. We watched a bit of a movie and got caught up and he gave me a bit of the third degree, because that's what brothers do. And the next morning he was off to work as silently as if he weren't there at all. And Cindy? His apartment was pretty damn clean, especially considering he was not expecting me. Ya taught the boy well.

Nice to see you again, Mr. President
The owner and president of my company has been in the building this week. He was over by my cubicle today telling some of our board members what happens in our group, the communications creative team. "This is where the good stuff comes from," I heard him say, introducing us to the Suits. Which, of course, prompted me to introduce myself as Maggie Bieritz, Vice President of Good Stuff. I think they'll remember me.

Theatrical pursuits
My trip to Champaign kicked off a veritable plethora of theater-going. This weekend I'll be seeing "The Best Man" in Geneva; next weekend it's "Peter Pan" at West High and "Rocky Horror" in Wisconsin. Secretly, I'm loving it. It will be awesome to see so many friends in what I hope are fantastic shows. So guys? Don't screw up.

We put the "fun" in "funeral"
My Aunt Shirley died over the weekend. Visitation is tomorrow and wake on Thursday. She's the last of my mom's generation to kick it, and this soon after the five-year anniversary of Mom's hasty exit makes it feel a little more melancholy than maybe it ordinarily would. Aunt Shirley was crazy, funny, and really just an awesome lady. She was a nurse, a mother of six children, and always drank Pepsi. I can't help but wonder if she's hanging out with Mom and Uncle Perry now, wondering what all the fuss is about. I'll miss you, Aunt Shirl.

Pima County unFair
Mike went to the fair down in AZ on Sunday, and he couldn't resist calling me so I could hear my favorite band in the universe in the background. Kinda makes me wish I had Wilco tickets.

Well OUCH!
I have something wrong with my left foot. Don't know if it's a heel spur or an arch problem, but I have this burning sensation on the bottom of my foot. It's not pretty, and it's worse when I wear heels. But heels are pretty, and they make my legs look longer, so I wear them. Don't tell my doctor.

Itty bitty delicious things
I made a meatloaf, but I cooked it in muffin tins. Tiny, single-serving meatloaves; they're perfect! You should try it.

That's it for tonight. Sorry it's been more than a week, and sorry there aren't ten this Tuesday. But I love you. That counts for something, right?

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