Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

  1. I have bronchitis. I've never had bronchitis. I don't much like it. I started feeling fatigued on December 2. Felt like I was coming down with a sore throat on December 4. Finally went to the doctor on December 14. I'm beyond ready to be feeling better, but I need to give the drugs a few days to work their magic.
  2. I'm glad I got my Christmas decorations up before I got sick, otherwise I might not have put them up at all. I have gotten zero baking done (except for the two batches I did on December 3, which were for an open house) and not a lot of knitting, either. But at least while I'm laying on the couch feeling like poop, there are twinkly lights to make me smile.
  3. General Foods International Coffees now makes a Chai Latte, and it's really good. I can't bear to spend $4.50 at Starbucks when I can an entire tin of something this tasty for less than that. Delish!
  4. I hate Celine Dion. Her whiney voice ruins my favorite Christmas songs.
  5. That being said, I don't think anything could possibly be better than "A Charlie Brown Christmas" by Vince Guaraldi. Christmas perfection!
  6. I haven't been to the gym in a week and I'm feeling very sloth-like. I'm hoping to feel up to a good workout by the end of the week.
  7. I love the biscuits from Red Lobster. However, I have learned to make a reasonable equivalent at home. Use the Drop Biscuit recipe on the side of a box of Bisquick. Add to it a handful of shredded cheddar cheese when you mix the dough, and drop them onto your baking sheet in heaping spoonfuls. Then, before baking, glaze them with a mixture of melted butter and garlic. I've used fresh garlic (chopped really finely) and garlic powder, and both taste delicious. Bake according to the directions and enjoy. If you're like me, you'll enjoy an entire batch in a single evening.
  8. I'm beginning to get the hang of this whole budgeting thing. It isn't easy, and sometimes I fall off the wagon. Sometimes I can't remember where I put the wagon. Sometimes I just want to buy a new wagon. But most of the time, I feel like I've got a handle on it and I trust myself with money again. It's a good feeling.
  9. Still on my quest to find the perfect car at the perfect price. Hope to have this project finished before Christmas, because I think my sister will appreciate the gift of her car back!
  10. Flannel sheets are still one of my greatest winter pleasures. Now factor in a cup of hot apple cider laced with cinnamon schnapps while cuddled under those same sheets and you have a perfect night ... even though it's just me and the cat!

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Becky said...

mmm, cheddar bay biscuits! one of my absolute favs! i'll have to try your recipe.