Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

This is my last post for 2009, so I'm doing a bit of "year in review." It was a year of growth, which pretty much means it wasn't an easy one, but I'm glad to have had it, because the future looks pretty good from where I sit.
  1. I went through the process of filing bankruptcy. It's not something I'm terribly proud of; in fact, I've carried my share of shame over it. But I discovered, the more I was just willing to accept it and move on, the more I was able to respect myself.
  2. The people who have been by my side through the ordeal of filing have been wonderful. From Emily who stayed with me overnight when my electricity was shut off to Shakespeare who reminded me that it sucks and it's scary but I have a choice in how my life goes, from Eric who listened to me cry over the phone and offered me every penny he had (which was roughly $7.83) to my dad who gave me great advice and encouragement, from friends near to friends far, I've known I'm not in this alone. Thank you.
  3. My friends Jessica and Adam, along with yours truly, founded a not-for-profit organization this year. Choose Awesome is dedicated to reminding people that they have a say in how life goes ... and we might as well choose awesome. If you haven't already, check out our Web site or our Facebook page. We'd love to count you among our fans.
  4. I took a week's vacation this year to have my gallbladder removed. Worst. Vacation. Ever. I'm glad it's gone, but I hated the process. And the scars are still ugly.
  5. I had my share of out-of-town guests this year. Chris, Janie and Liam Early stayed with me during the Chicago portion of their vacation from the Pacific Northwest, and Mike and Racheal were here the week before Thanksgiving. And for a few months, I had a semi-permanent houseguest while my friend Em looked for the perfect place to call home in Chicago. Every time someone I love comes into this place and makes him or herself at home, it becomes even more of a home to me, too. Y'all come back, now, ya hear?
  6. I've discovered some of life's greatest simple pleasures, not the least of which is enjoying the smell of bread baking. No, I don't do it by hand, but the bread that's baking in my bread machine right now is enough to put a smile on anyone's face. I make bread almost every week, because it's delicious, and because it's so much cheaper than the crap you can buy at the store.
  7. I sold my car. I'm still looking for a replacement, but in the meanwhile, I'm grateful to my sister Kathie for allowing me to drive her Jeep. I really don't want to give it back!
  8. I discovered Millennium Park. I can't believe how simple it is to get there; you get off the train, you walk a mile, and you're there. It's heavenly. I can hardly wait for summer, so I can get back to my lawn, my stream, my bean ...
  9. Even more today than when this year began, I believe my father is the finest man in the world. While it's true that I am fortunate to have many amazing men in my life, my dad is just the best. He can be gruff and frank, but he's also got the kindest heart in the universe. Glenn Bieritz doesn't give up on anybody, and I'm fortunate to call him Dad.
  10. As for 2010, I have a few dreams and goals. I'm hopeful that once I get back on my gym regimen (this bronchitis has kept me to a very understated schedule) I'll be able to focus again on my health, and continue the trend toward taking care of myself. I need to buy a car - hopefully one that I'll be happy in for at least a couple of years while I save for the car I really want. And I'd like to travel a bit. Summer may find me in France, thanks to a dear friend having family there, and I'll surely spend a few weekends in Wisconsin and I'd really like to get back to Arizona. You can trust that, wherever you are, I'd like to be there, too. I can't do everything, but if France pans out, I'll send you a postcard.
Here's to the year we leave behind, and here's to the year ahead. Much love as we move ever forward, toward the best year yet.


Janie said...

What, no Oregon?

Maggie said...

It's not that I wouldn't want to go to Oregon ... more that if I have the opportunity to spend a week in France (and I only get two weeks of vacation) I'm opting for Paris!