Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I'm publishing a day late, but only because my Internet connection at home is kinda wonky these days. It counts as 10 on Tuesday, because I wrote it last night. So there.

  1. I washed my slippers over the weekend. They are these awesome "foot duvets" from Restoration Hardware, a gift from my sister Jenn a few years ago, and they're machine washable. Filled with down, they are the warmest things my feet have ever known. How was I to know that there were tiny holes in the bottoms, through which oodles of down would sneak out during the dry cycle? Yeah, there are fluffy feathers all over everything else in that load of wash.
  2. Tonight was my first night back to the workout routine since I came down with Ebola, or bronchitis, on December 4. I'd gone a few times, but was so miserable that finally a few weeks ago I decided to call it quits until I was feeling better. So tonight I did an hour of strength training followed by an hour of cardio, and it was a lot of work ... but it felt effing fantastic!
  3. My New Year's Eve was amazing, thanks for asking. Years ago, I worked with a performing company that did a show ever New Year, and that ended when I returned to school in 1994. But this year marked my return, as I participated in the New Year's Eve Party at the Geneva Underground Playhouse. I sang one song, forgot my words halfway through, saved it with my sparkling sense of humor and that of a dear friend who was willing to through himself on my grenade. It was the perfect way to usher in a new year - surrounded by friends old and new, all of whom were ready to celebrate a clean slate.
  4. On New Year's Day, I ate my weight in fondue. Which is un-good, because from the time I got sick in early December, I've put on some poundage. It's hell to get sick during the holidays! But we had a blast, a bunch of friends who gathered at Eric and Millie's house to celebrate Eric's December 31 birthday. Nothing says "I love you" like melted cheese. And nothing means more than sharing a friend's birthday for the first time ever, even though you've known each other for almost 20 years.
  5. My performance evaluation is coming up at work. I hate evals. I'd rather systematically peel off my skin than sit in a closed room and discuss my performance over the past year. Just sayin'.
  6. I'm in desperate need of a good moisturizer that doesn't give me a rash. The winter cold does a number on my skin, and right now my neck and throat are covered with the remains of an itchy, disgusting outbreak, the result of a new moisturizer I tried. Anybody have any recommendations for something gentle but uber-emollient?
  7. It's cold. Not getting much above 20 around these parts all week. I'm not complaining - it's Chicagoland in winter, ya know - but I got so chilled tonight that I had to get into a hot bath so I didn't climb into the oven. So yeah, that's cold.
  8. I'm happy. Like, really happy. As in, happier than I think I ever was when I was part of a couple. It's funny, because someone insists on sending me photographs every now and then of the ex and his latest wife, thinking they'll make me feel good. And yeah, it's nice to see that the latest installment is ... how can I say this politely? ... not like me. But I think what's most telling is the fact that I have never seen a picture of the two of them in which either one of them looks even remotely happy. Photos of me, on the other hand? I'm either smiling the genuine, toothy, big-head grin, laughing, or making a face at the camera. My life isn't perfect, but it's happy.
  9. I've been asked several times over the past few weeks for the secrets of my weightloss success, which cracks me up because I'm still 70 pounds from my goal. But here's the straight poop, the ground-breaking secret no one else will tell you. To lose weight, you only have to do two things: Eat less and move more. That's it. So, put down the butter and take a walk. Make healthy choices (in life, not your grocer's freezer) and you'll get there. I promise.
  10. Speaking of healthy choices, maybe it's a reflection of how much unhealthy food I've eaten in the past month, but I'm craving vegetables. If I were you, I wouldn't stand between me and cauliflower.


mike rice said...

I like butter.

Becky said...

i'm happy you're happy!

have you tried aquaphor for the moisturizing issue? it's not something i'd wear during the day, unless you use it sparingly as it's vaseline like, but it works wonders and it's great for sensitive skin. we all have winter skin issues and 3/4 of us also have very sensitive skin and this is the stuff i prefer. if i was going to see you any time soon i'd give you one of my little sample bottles i have.

love ya!