Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Baby You Can Drive My Car. Actually, no ... no, you can't. But I can, and I really dig it! We're in the middle of what's shaping up to be some serious snow here in Chicagoland, and my drive to work was a blasty-blast. I don't really drive any differently. I'm still cautious, still careful, still taking my time ... but I sure do have a lot of fun doing it. (And Mike? Yes, you can drive it. You just need to get here.)

Are You Ready for Some Football? Again, no. I'm not. I hate football. But I had an awesome Super Bowl Sunday, thank you very much. Back in the day, the ex and I had a pseudo-tradition of spending Super Bowl evening with our friends Melissa and Ken. We'd curl up and everyone would watch the game while I read a magazine or knitted or something. There would be good food and great people, and we'd laugh through the evening. This year, Ken had to work, but the three of us had breakfast together and spent some time in their nursery (they're expecting their first in April) before he had to go. Then I was off to my dad's for a visit before I headed back for the evening with Melissa. It was a wonderful day; a new twist on old traditions. Reconnecting is a very good thing.

I Just Called to Say I Love You. I decided this week to share a little love on Facebook. I'm popping on to profiles of people I don't talk with often, just to say hello and I love you. It's kinda fun!

Let's Hear it for the Boy. I'm an "understudy Godmother." My friends Marc and Polly have three kids, and one of their boys' Godparents dropped the ball. Enter Maggie! I invited the little dude, Ross, to spend a day with me at Legoland. His mom wrote this to me by way of explanation: "He yelled 'yes' while pumping his arm in the air." It makes me grin super big to make that happen!

Sugar, Sugar. Do you like cut-out cookies? I do, but I don't have the patience for them. Which is why I love holidays, because my boss gets cookies from this place and they are so much better than any I've ever made. Now, one of my co-workers gets them, too, so this Valentine's season, I get TWO!

You Better, You Better, You Bet. I won the fourth quarter of the office Super Bowl pool. The Year of the Maggie continues.

The Way You Make Me Feel. Flannel sheets. Seriously. I love them. They are old and soft and lush. They make me happy. They also seem to lull me into perfect sleep. I kinda want to go home and go to bed now.

Let it Snow! It's pretty. And it's February 9; in three weeks, it'll be March! This might be the last real storm of the winter. (Probably not, but it might be!) So I'm enjoying it. Although I will say, winter and I got along really well there for awhile, but we've had a bit of a falling out. He'd better start behaving, or he'll get the silent treatment.

If You're Happy and You Know It. Clap your hands, stomp your feet, do whatever ... just get happy and do something! Happy is a personal state of mind. It doesn't have to depend on outside influences! Don't get me wrong - they can certainly help or hinder - but happy is a choice! Just be happy. Or fake it ... see if it rubs off in reality.

Boogie Shoes. After a tough December (thank you, bronchitis) I'm working really hard to make my normal schedule at the gym. I seriously love my regimen. How can you not love dancing three times a week? Sometimes it's ungodly crowded. Sometimes people are rude. But most of the time, it's a sweaty bit of heaven.

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Kimmy said...

I know it's only Monday and it's supposed to be Thursday--according to the bylaws and everything--but I kinda love you more today.

Just thought you should know. :)