Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Maybe I'll ramble about 10 things. Maybe I won't. I just don't feel like be restricted or required by the number 10 today. Ergo ... ramblings.

I don't like being treated poorly. The vast majority of the people in my life treat me beautifully, so there is such a stark contrast when someone treats me like poopy. I don't like it. I also don't tolerate it. This is why I have car keys.

I love Valentine's Day. I don't think of it as a particularly romantic holiday; for me, it's a day to love and be loved, by others and myself.

Salt and pepper brownies. You can blame the movie "Chocolat" for my latest creation, and I'm quite proud of them. They're a little surprising, but man are they delicious.

I spent Sunday afternoon through Monday morning in Lake Geneva. It was a tremendous break from my day-to-day, complete with my friend Laura's surprise birthday party (she's a Valentine baby) and lots of laughs with Amber. I hope I'm able to make it up to that neck of the woods more often this summer. I miss the tranquility that comes from being up north.

When I got back from Lake Geneva and unpacked my bag, Benld wanted to let me know how much he didn't want me to go away again. Sneaky, isn't he?

It's been four years now since my marriage ended. It seems like a lifetime ago. I don't recognize the person I was back then. I like me, now, a whole lot more than I liked me, then.

Last night I had dinner with some of my old theater pals. Kathleen and Shawn invited Tony, Eric, Millie and I over for a pot-luck festival of laughter and deliciousness. We are very funny people. Being with them makes me miss doing theater (a little) and them (a lot.) I'm so lucky to have them in my life ... even if only for the soup. Good God, the soup!

This is why I'm sometimes late for work. At the risk of showing the world my Inner Crazy-Cat Lady, I can't resist snuggling with this fat furry fella.

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Kimmy said...

I like that you said "poopy".

I'm glad that you like yourself more than then. I've always liked you, I'm just glad that you finally caught up.

And, it's Thursday and I can love you more today.

I really just commented because you said "poopy".