Monday, May 10, 2010

A kinder, gentler driver

I love driving my car.

Tell me when you get tired of hearing that.

But I think the best part is that whole Wrangler brotherhood thing. Or sisterhood, what with the boobs and all. The Wrangler kinship, I'll call it.

It's simple, and I've written about it before - the way most Wrangler drivers acknowledge one another as we drive past. Most of the time, it's a wave. Often, it's a peace sign. Occasionally, it's a salute. I've even had a few blown kisses. (Incidentally, to date, every single Wrangler driver who has not offered some sort of greeting was driving what I consider the non-Wrangler. The four-door yuppified version. So it doesn't really count.)

Anyway, it always makes me smile, and today I got to really thinking about it. How cool is it that having one thing in common - the car we drive - makes us treat each other kindly? How incredible that we intentionally greet one another, simply because we all share a certain fondness for a particular type of automobile.

So here's what I'm thinkin': start waving at cars like yours. Drive a minivan? Be proud! Wave at other minivans! Own that mustang and wave at your fellow enthusiasts! Be truly edgy: drive a mercury Grand Marquis like my 80-year-old dad, and start waving at others who drive them.

Sure, most people will think you're a special kind of nutso. But ... what if it caught on?


mike rice said...

But I like the four door yuppiefied version of the Wrangler. :-P

maggie said...

Oh, say it ain't so!

mike rice said...

Sorry. Those of us who are sick of breaking our backs putting kids into car seats appreciate the second set of doors.

maggie said...

Then do the right thing and buy the mini van of your dreams. Or drive a Homadadita.