Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - May 11 edition

  1. Dull girl? Not a chance, but there’s a risk of life becoming (almost) all work these days. Lots of projects. Lots of deadlines. Lots of me pulling my hair out (which isn’t pretty because, let’s face it, at my age it’s already starting to thin.) But I’m capable, and I know where the coffeepot is. I’ll get through it; you just might not hear a lot from me until July.
  2. I walked at lunch today, even though it was raining.
  3. The Code stands strong. I have an ethical code that runs along my spine, and when challenged, Maggie gets cranky. My challenge is to learn to respect people whose ethical boundaries differ from my own. It’s not easy. That’s why they call it a challenge.
  4. I hate my mattress and my couch. And my budget, which doesn’t currently allow for replacement. Not looking for a solution, just venting.
  5. I love ending the day with a hot cup of something. Maybe it’s just because the nights lately have been super-chilly, but when 10 p.m. approaches and there’s cocoa or tea or decaf in my cup, I’m a happy woman.
  6. Ground flax seed has the consistency of potting soil, but it makes my yogurt stick to my ribs so I’ll keep eating it.
  7. Edy’s makes a S’mores flavor ice cream. You should eat it.
  8. I spent Mother’s Day with my dad, and Patrick’s family. (Not at the same time, but in that order.) It was a lovely day. It was the first time being without Mom on Mother’s Day really hit me, maybe because this year we didn’t gather as a family. But it was good. It was exactly how it should have been. Time with Dad is a strong connection to family, and to the woman who was my mother. Time with Patrick’s family is loud and accompanied by great food. What more could you ask for?
  9. Last week, co-worker Lisa and I put together some displays of jewelry and she photographed them for our magazine. We created something really quite pretty, and useful. It reminded me of the last-minute photo shoots for the feature page at the Daily Eastern News … except not.
  10. When the money is tight, there’s nothing better than cheap food, shared with friends. Hell, that’s true even when the money isn’t tight.

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