Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, July 13

  1. I don't take kindly to being treated poorly. By anyone. Please don't reprimand me in a crowded office by telling me I "screwed everything up", especially when A) I didn't and B) I followed your directions. Please don't shout into the phone to tell me I'm getting old. Please ... just don't. When you're nasty to me a few times, I can let it go, but when it seems to just be the way you do things, I find it very hard to respect or like you.
  2. Why is a concoction made up of Mandarin oranges, pineapple, marshmallows, coconut and sour cream referred to as "Hawaiian salad"? Seriously ... there is nothing remotely salad-like about this dish. Although I will take seconds, please.
  3. Ever wanted to hear me sing? Well, you'll get your chance in August. On August 7, I'm part of Liberty Town Productions' Summer Showcase. Shows at 6 and 8:30 p.m., and more info is available here. The following day, I'll be participating in the Fox Valley Park District's "Summer Stage Turns 40" Concert of Memories. I was once very active in Summer Stage, and it's a blast rehearsing with old friends. More info on this show can be found here. Tickets can be reserved by emailing summerstage40@yahoo.com. Thank you for allowing me this shameless plug. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.
  4. Rehearsal for the Summer Stage show last Sunday was like a trip back in time. Really - afterward, I invited myself to Patrick's mom's house for dinner; it was that much like 1987. Some things just don't get old. We ate Italian sausage and seafood salad, we swam in the rain, and we sat on the porch and talked. I'm a lucky girl.
  5. So, I'm pretty busy these days. Lots of running around from rehearsal to the gym to work to doctor's appointments. Yeah, the knee is still not solved. On Thursday I go for an MRI, and after we know what's wrong, we'll decide what to do. I'm hoping it's not surgery; if some physical therapy can set me right again, I will be a happy woman (who no longer walks like she's 90.)
  6. I already ate my lunch, but I'm hungry. There is no justice in the world.
  7. I went to the Chicago Botanic Garden on Sunday. It's not in Chicago. It is, however, beautiful. Patrick, Ed, Javier and I met at Max's Deli for breakfast, and then we headed over to the Garden. So pretty. There were lots of little benches and areas to just relax. I could have spent the entire weekend there. In fact, I sort of wish I were still there.
  8. Sometimes I get the urge to write nasty letters to the people who have hurt me. I usually talk myself out of it, though, because I realize ... they don't care. I have to learn to let stuff go, to stop feeling hurt over things that are so long in the past. It's tough, sometimes.
  9. I saw one of my favorite families perform in "Seussical" last Saturday night. The Ludenas - Polly, Marc, Ross, Jack and Rosalie - were adorable. As a real fan of Dr. Seuss, I truly enjoyed the show. Especially seeing Ro as the baby elephant bird!
  10. My finances will probably always be hard for me to manage. It takes real effort for me to manage my money, but I'm getting there. In fact, in what I consider a monumental event, I received the statement from my 401K yesterday. There is money in it. Not a lot - I've only been active since February - but there's money. More than I have had saved in a long, long time. It feels good.


Anonymous said...

It's not a post-it, but this will have to do...

I love you.
You are beautiful and amazing.

I love Ten on...whatever day they land on.

maggie said...

Thanks, Anon! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Just doin' what I can to get you through the day...

mike rice said...

Who's picking on you?
Do I need to fly in and kick someone in the chicken?

maggie said...

Oh, Mr. Rice, that's exactly what a girl wants to hear from her brother. Thanks! and no, not necessary to kick chicken on my behalf. Just some usual work/other people stuff that's particularly annoying at the moment. This, like a kidney stone, shall pass.