Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, September 14

  1. The intensity with which stupid is applied sometimes makes my head spin.
  2. I'm hungry. But then, I'm hungry a lot. A few weeks back, I crawled back onto the Calorie Counting Bandwagon, and I've learned to welcome that hungry feeling. And it's paying off! Little by little, the pounds are melting. Again.
  3. Over the weekend, I had breakfast with my friend Jessica - I call her Shakespeare. Anyway, this breakfast was our last meal together for a year. She's going to Ireland to study for her Master's Degree. I'm terribly proud of her, but I am going to miss her face something awful. She is the co-founder of Choose Awesome, and a complete doll.
  4. I got cable TV and a DVR just in time for my favorite shows to end their seasons. My Boys, Psych and Royal Pains ... all done for the season. BOO.
  5. I was actually going to audition for a show. Wheaton Drama is doing Little Women, which my mother was in back in high school, and I think the story is just outstanding. I would love to do the show, but seriously - they have a performance on Thanksgiving! Nope. Sorry. Not giving up my favorite holiday. Something else will come along.
  6. Sometimes I still get sad at having been left by every man who ever promised not to leave. It's not constant, but sometimes ... it just pisses me off. But then I go to kickboxing and learn not to care.
  7. I got my boots back out, and actually wore a pair this week. I love boots. I would really like another pair or two this year. Alas ... they are beautiful, but they are not cheap.
  8. This weekend, I'm taking my nephew for a walk. He and I are participating in the Mad Dash to Madison, the 5K run/walk or 10K skate associated with the Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival. Should be a ton of fun, especially because he's a huge hockey fan, and I like the Chicago Stadium. Okay, it's the United Center, but I still miss the old Stadium. Anyhoo, hopefully there will be many photo ops and a good time will be had by all.
  9. I would really, really like to move. My landlord is just beyond uncooperative, but so far most of the places I'd like to live are cost-prohibitive, regardless of the prices they advertise online. Oh, and the one place I really love? Yeah, it's almost $500 a month more than I'm paying now! Unbelievable. I thought places were hurting for renters? Guess not so much.
  10. I lost my favorite sweater. It's black, with three-quarter sleeves and just one button, up at the neck. It was my go-to sweater, and I have no idea what happened to it. It's been gone since before summer kicked into high gear, and now ... I'm not sure how I'm gonna navigate autumn with out it. Have you seen it?

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KellyAnn said...

Have you checked at Amber's? Just a thought.