Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, September 28

  1. I can tolerate anything but ignorance. Stupidity I can handle, because the stupid lack the capacity to learn. But ignorant people could do better, and they simply choose not to.
  2. Spin class is my knees' new favorite activity. It helps build my leg muscles, puts very little strain on the knees (as long as I'm concentrating on my form) and keeps me in constant motion for a full hour so I torch a metric shit-ton of calories. Sweet!
  3. Thank heaven Dad loaned me his hold space heater a few years ago. My apartment has been about 62 degrees at night for the past several nights, because my landlord is a jerkweasel who won't turn on the heat until he legally has to. I stay cozy, thanks to the space heater, and Jenn's gift of an electric mattress pad.
  4. I run slowly. But I do run. And stumble. And limp. And complain. I'll be doing all of that on November 6, during the Hot Chocolate 5k in Grant Park. It's a 5k (duh) run (there's also a 15k), followed by a chocolate party. Holler.
  5. This is my second year embracing autumn. It's working out very well for me. One of the sweetest outcomes of my divorce is re-discovering my ability to be happy, no matter my circumstances. He hated the cold, and it rubbed off on me ... but now, it's not such a tragedy. It's just autumn.
  6. I think the American workday should include a siesta.
  7. My friends amaze me. Their generosity of spirit just overwhelms me sometimes. Whether it's Linda providing me with the nutritional supplement that helps my knees, or Rebekah emptying her closet of sweaters she doesn't wear (but are totally my style!), or the simple things like a family member checking in with me (and wanting to do the Hot Chocolate run with me - yay Kathie!), or my sister Jenn giving me potatoes (and anything else I can sneak into my bag when she's not looking )or the countless other ways love just pours out - it just means I am incredibly fortunate.
  8. My skin is showing its age. I think I have new wrinkles under my eyes, and can we talk about those creases at the corners of my mouth? Can this be fixed? Or slowed down? Or am I just meant to let my face become a roadmap?
  9. I love that Patrick calls me whenever he has a trivia question to which he doesn't know the answer. It keeps us connected ... mostly because my mind is a vessel filled with minutia.
  10. I really wish I knew how to play the guitar.


Janie said...

RE #8: You can try Botox, because introducing toxins into the body is such a grand idea, or you can just learn to live with them. I'm older'n you and that's what I do. So what if I get accused of being Liam's Grandma, I am what I am and my face is what it is.

jessicat said...

Re#8 - In malaysia every 5th shop has a treatment for "those." Can't say what - or how good it is, but I have seen the signs. In your previous post, massage now, every 3rd shop is a massage and reflexology parlor - and they are quite good, and cost low. As for potatoes, we are short on those - however we have an abundance of rice - will that do? Finally, I have a pool to offer you to swim in when you visit, I wouldn't recommend cycling here or running, the roads are much too dangerously filled with insane motorcycles and drivers - but we can swim in my pool instead, I don't have sweaters either, but awesome wrap skirts for dirt cheap and some other groovy clothes, and shoes...seems like I recollect that tops your list... - so when are you coming?