Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

  1. My friend Kathleen turns 40 today. I have known her since 1989, when we did Godspell together at Aurora University. I like that I have known her more than half of her life. Anyway, the birthday party was last Sunday in Aurora, and so - of course - I went. It was wonderful. Delicious nachos (only a few), monstrous margaritas (I ordered one and drank only about a quarter of it; any more and I would've been sleeping in the booth!) and wonderful company. But the best surprise was seeing Little Jane - my friend Tracy, who played Little Jane in Three Postcards back in 1991. It was a night to catch up, share a little sorrow (we're both half-orphans, and her loss is still fresh) and surround ourselves with love. It was Kathleen's party, but I feel like I got the present.
  2. I ran on Sunday. I'm running again tonight. I'm determined; as long as my knee holds out, the thumping in my chest and the gasping for air will get better. Right?
  3. My house is a mess. So tonight there are three things on the to-do list: Make soup, run and clean. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  4. I don't know if it's the weather or what, but lately I've been waking up with headaches. Coffee seems to help a little, but what I really want is another couple hours of sleep. Maybe this weekend?
  5. Probably not. I'm spending this weekend scrapbooking with Diane. I paid my admission to the Sweet Scrappin' Escape weekend with the money Dad gave me for my birthday, and Diane (as incredible sweet as can be) sprung for the hotel room. So it's just us and our scrappy goodness. I guess I'd better pull my supplies together and decide which album to work on, huh?
  6. Back to Kathleen's party ... sorry, there were a few nice things that were said to me that I just have to get on record. First of all, when Sherry walked in, she told me I was melting away! YAY! Sometimes it's nice to be around people you don't see all that often; they notice when you change. Then her husband, Jack, was re-introducing me to their son, Jackson, whom I haven't seen since he was a child. (He is now in college.) Anyway, he says, "You remember Margaret. She's precious, and everybody loves her." So there you go - don't forget it.
  7. My calendar is rapidly filling up; it's like October is already gone! This weekend, I have the scrapbook "retreat"; next weekend, I have a lunch date with Emily; the weekend after that is Homecoming at EIU, and I'm going. (Ish-Bro Chunk and his girlfriend Erin have graciously invited me to stay with them; blast!) Then the weekend after that is Halloween, which means Ken and Melissa's party (where I'll spend the evening playing with Simon), Hafla-Ween with Teri and other assorted bellydancers, and hanging out on Halloween with Rebekah and her kids. That's it; that's October. And then we get in to November, which kicks off with the Hot Chocolate Run on November 6, followed by my sister Kathie's birthday bash that same evening. Where does the time go when I'm not looking, hmmm? (For the record, I am so not complaining. While I enjoy having a bit of free time, I also love the feeling of being with my many and varied, wonderful friends.)
  8. Sometimes, when I get home from the gym, I take a bath and put on cashmere pants. Thanks, Rebekah.
  9. Soon, Starbucks will begin serving peppermint mochas again, and I'm going to have to find a way to work them into my calorie budget. I love them. They taste like Christmas to me.
  10. Did you know that my birthday is the official start of the holiday season? This was decided during a conversation with Brienne at the office, when I was explaining that September is my birthday month. "Why not just take it all the way to Thanksgiving?" she said. I like the way she thinks.

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