Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, October 12

  1. I made sweet potato soup/peanut soup last week. It's amazingly delicious. I added a bit too much chipotle, but all fiery flavor aside, I like it. And as co-worker Lisa continually tells me, spicy food revs the metabolism.
  2. This running thing is really messing with me, in a good way. I am sleeping like a baby (minus the crying and peeing the bed part) and feeling pretty strong.
  3. That in no way should be interpreted to mean that running is getting easier. There is a reason why I've never been a runner. Two reasons, actually. 1) It's hard. 2) I'm not very good at it. But I keep trying, keep practicing, keep moving forward. I do worry about my knee, but I am as careful as I can be. Besides, the more weight that comes off - and it comes off faster when I'm running - the happier my knee will be.
  4. Sometimes, it's easy to feel sad and wish that I had someone else's life. Or more of my own life. This weekend, I experienced a computer glitch and just about had a meltdown. It irritates me to no end that I can't just go out and buy a new computer, because the budget can't handle it. It sucks that, at my age, there are so many things that I still have to save for. And then, I think about all the people I love, and I feel like George Bailey - the richest man in town. Except I'm not a man. But then you knew that already. I hope.
  5. I am not dressing up for Halloween this year. I'm just not inspired to create a costume. I guess after last year's snake fiasco, taking a year off won't be a bad thing.
  6. After my run/walk last weekend, I've had to accept the fact that there is a significant chance I won't be running the Hot Chocolate 5K on November 6. I will be completing it, I just may have trouble running the entire thing. See #3 above for clarification; I am not good at running. (I'm at about a 16.66 minute mile for running/walking. Yeah, I'm a pro.) It's a little depressing, and then I remember that the original goal was to run a 5K in the spring. This is fall. I'm already ahead of myself!
  7. Balance. Right now, I'm feeling like my life is in balance more than it ever has been. I find it no coincidence that this is also the longest I have gone in my entire adult life without a significant other. I am the sort of person who gives too much of herself to a relationship, and loses too much of herself in the process. So here I am, enjoying this amazing balance between friends and family, work, health and solitude. Should there ever be another significant other (hey, miracles happen!) I'm sure I will handle it differently. Because this balance thing feels pretty damn good.
  8. Along with balance, I'm loving the variety I have in my life right now. When it comes to working out, I have running, dancing, weight lifting, cycling and ellipticalling - well, what else do you call using the elliptical trainer? At mealtime, I have an awesome variety because my friend Lisa and I are sharing lunchtime preparation - I never know what I'll be having. And I'm also spending time with a lot of different people. It's nice to have such a range to choose from.
  9. I really wish they'd learn how to regulate the temperature in my office.
  10. Can you believe it's the middle of October? This year has flown by, and doesn't show any signs of slowing down. It seems like only yesterday we turned the calendar ... where did the time go?

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