Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Tuesday, so Maggie must have 10

  1. You can seriously burn yourself when frothing milk for your morning coffee. Just sayin'.
  2. Daylight saving time can hurry up and end. I'm ready to fall back, and I'm also ready for it not to be butt-crack dark when I wake up in the morning. Sheesh!
  3. Running. I'm running. Last night I had the best run of my career to date. (Sarcasm implied.) But I still won't be even close to the Kenyans, who are coming in to run the Hot Chocolate race on November 6. They can run. I saw them on the Subway commercial.
  4. After the race, I'll still be running, but probably indoors. And I've challenged myself to try the rock wall. I've always been afraid to do it; no one wants to look up and see that, right? But by the end of the year, I'm going. Who's with me?
  5. Nothing makes me wash my dishes faster than curry. It tastes delicious, but when you can still smell it 15 minutes after your food is gone, it's motivating.
  6. There are 21 get-ups until Thanksgiving.
  7. The creator of Rocky & Bullwinkle (and Dudley DoRight) is dead. That's truly the end of an era. And no, don't pull a damn thing out of your hat.
  8. I am still eating to the chicken tortilla soup from last week. I think next time I'll try to cut back on the recipe, so I'm not eating it for a week and a half. Although that does remind me of the time Mom & Dad went on vacation and left us food ... which was pretty much just one huge pot of chili. Yeah, Mom had a sense of humor.
  9. There are moments when I still get really pissed at Christopher. I know I'm happier now than I was with him, and I know he couldn't begin to be the person I deserve to be with ... but sometimes it still gives me pain. How is it that he gets to walk off, free and clear, while I'm still dealing, all these years later? It doesn't seem fair. But then, no one ever said life was, now, did they?
  10. And then I'm reminded that I may not be where I intended. I may not have the life I planned. But I have a great deal. I have a wonderful family that makes me laugh (and occasionally reminds me that it doesn't matter; a mouse has pooped on it.) Amazing friends who have my back, all the time. I have a kitchen full of nutritious food, a car the runs (and makes me smile) and a home that may seem a little bit like a dorm sometimes, but is really and truly my home. It didn't work out the way I planned, but this life thing? Yeah, it's pretty stellar.

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