Friday, October 29, 2010

Think Different

I became an Apple fan the moment I began using their technology in college. They worked the way I think. And their "Think Different" ad campaign really hooked me, so when it was time to buy my first computer, I went iMac, and never looked back.

I do think differently. (And yes, that is grammatically the way the phrase should read.) That's what makes me ... well ... me.

Which got me thinking about our upcoming election, and all of the junkmail I am receiving, all the ads that are playing on television and the radio, all the crap that's spewing about.

The fundamental difference between the two parties, it seems is that Democrats welcome people who don't think, or behave, or live like they do, and Republicans ... don't.

How sad is that?

Every issue, from abortion to immigration to spending to separation of church and state to gay marriage, appears to boil down to the right believing only they are right, and the left thinking there's room on the field for everyone.

Thankfully, the Republicans' world is not the world we live in, and it's emphatically not the country our founding fathers envisioned. And I'm not saying the Dems have everything correct, because they don't. There are flaws on both sides. But the ads and campaign rhetoric is making me crazy with the finger pointing and the ignorance.

It doesn't matter to me how you vote, but I hope you do vote. And I sincerely hope that you do so with your own mind, thinking for yourself. Thinking differently, if that's what works for you.

The fine print: I don't generally post political information or opinions. I find that sometimes it causes flaming language (from people who are clearly not gay.) Don't be that person. Don't attack me for having opinions. That's why this blog is called "Maggie's World".

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