Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten on the day after my sister Kathie's 50th birthday

  1. Today is election day. I woke up early so I could vote before work, because Tuesday is really my only non-negotiable gym night. I always have this moment of panic before I walk into the polling place, as if they'll turn me away or something weird will happen. But I go, and when I'm finished, I feel like I did something important. I'd do it again if I could.
  2. What is it about human nature that makes us think, at times, that we are not worthy when good things come our way? I roll pretty well when things go bad. I practically expect it. But when someone is generous to me, or when something incredible happens ... I find it almost impossible to handle. Something to work on, right?
  3. I'm really nervous about the race on Saturday. I know I can do it. The worst case scenario is that I'm the last person in the 5k to cross the finish line. I'm a really slow runner; it's possible that I'll crawl across the finish while some of the 15k folks are finishing. I'm trying to be okay with that. My biggest fear in the world, believe it or not, is making a fool of myself. So cross your fingers that we don't have that kind of episode on Saturday, because I'd really like to not suck at this. I've been assured that adrenaline will help propel me forward, and I'm sure the chocolate at the end will help, too. I'll just be glad when it's over ... and I can focus on the next race.
  4. Actual photo of me in my last 5k.

  5. The weight is taking its sweet time coming off. Sure, 18.5 pounds over the course of 11 weeks is a little over a pound and a half per week. That's nothing to sneeze at. Do that over the course of a year and we're talkin' major change. But I'd kinda like to don a bathing suit next June and not run the risk of being harpooned. Just whining at this point. Do not send bonbons to soothe my soul.
  6. A cream cheese jalapeno popper has 73 calories. Just sayin'.
  7. I'm going away but staying home over the holidays. What? Yeah. A friend of mine, who lives in a beautiful big awesome house in Long Grove (a quaint little tourist town to the North) is going away for three weeks, and I get to house-sit. She has two cats, so it might be a challenge introducing Benld to the mix, but other than that, I can't foresee any negatives. Sure, my drive to work will be a little longer, but from December 24 through January 4, I'm not workin', anyway. It will be a wonderful little respite for writing, scrapbooking and relaxing, plus focusing on the diet and exercise. Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to usher in a new year?
  8. I will be exceedingly glad when this election is over. I'm a very "live-and-let-live" kinda girl, but when you're ignorant and loud, I really don't need to hear from you again. Thank you for not mailing me any more propaganda; you suck. (This goes for both sides.)
  9. Mike and Racheal will be here in just a few weeks. You know what that means? Pie.
  10. My sister Kathie turned 50 yesterday. One by one, my sisters are approaching this milestone birthday. Pat did it last year, and Jenn's turn will be in a few years. Then, it will be me. 50. It still seems old to me. I can't believe I have sisters who are 50 years old, much less that I will celebrate turning the same age in ... well ... not too long! (It's out there, waiting!) Lots to accomplish between now and then; look out, world!
  11. As much as I'm not a good runner, I'm a worse sit-up-doer. I suck at crunches, and pretty much all ab-related activities. (Which means I need to do them more; grr!) I'm so bad at it that I use every available muscle group to help. Yesterday, I was still feeling the pain from Saturday's workout. In my neck. How sad is that? So, post-race, that will be my focus: discovering the six-pack, buried deep behind the keg.


KellyAnn said...

It was also your niece's sweet 16th birthday! ;-)

Maggie said...

Her birthday is not November 1! Isn't it like the 6th or something?

KellyAnn said...

sorry I actually read this this morning so I was thinking Kathie's bday was yesterday. No Aubri's birthday was yesterday the 2nd.