Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten on Tuesday, November 16

  1. I like kale. Tuscan kale, to be exact, and I prefer it prepared by my friend Rebekah, in a soup where it's combined with white beans, turkey sausage and an amazing broth that just makes your taste buds sing. Delicious.
  2. I also like cannoli. Someone broght some in to the office today. I ate a quarter of one, and counted the calories. It was three bites of deliciousness.
  3. I'm working out hard these days, and it's paying off. Last night I ran for half an hour and did the elliptical thing for half an hour. Almost 700 calories, torched, and felt great in the process. Next step? Metabolic testing. Need to save my pennies, but I want to know my actual zones and where I'm burning fat. I've been guessing, and it's been working pretty well, but I'm ready to maximize my workouts. After I buy new running shoes, that will be my next investment.
  4. Which is interesting to me, because slowly but surely, I'm finding that my money is lining up with my values. I have always said that I value taking care of myself, but I had a hard time ponying up the money to really do it. Now, I make sacrifices in order to sign up for the next race, or eat better foods, or have the right equipment. I'm proud of that.
  5. Speaking of the next race, yes, I'm doing the Santa Run on December 4. Then after that? The Frozen Zucchini Snowshoe 5k on January 30. Yes, I know ... I'm nuts.
  6. I bent the hell out of my fingernail. This does not make me happy. It hurts.
  7. Mike, Racheal and Kaylee will be here in a few days! This means I need to clean, buy some groceries, and rescue my twin air mattress from the storage locker. And bake cookies.
  8. I had to scrape the ice off my car yesterday using my gym membership card. Guess I need to buy a window scraper, huh? (Busted my old one by slamming it in the back of the Jeep.)
  9. Only six more get-ups until Thanksgiving. THANK GOD. Four-day weekend, here I come.
  10. My friend Rebekah (she of soup fame) cleaned out her closet again. Which means I got a ton of new clothes, a down jacket, and a carload of stuff to take to Goodwill. I'm wearing this gray sweater today that makes me look far skinnier than I actually am. Yeah, it rocks.

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